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Motorola Unlock by post Service
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Motorola Unlock by post Service

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Motorola Unlock by post Service
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Unlock Your Phone By Post

This Service is available to UK + Ireland Residents Only.

Send us your locked phone and we will unlock it for you.

We have an extensive collection of sometimes very expensive in-house unlocking hardware. Ideal for unlocking phones that cannot be unlocked remotely via code or Log. We have many years experience and our on site engineers can unlock just about any phone on the market.


How much does it cost?

The cost to unlock your phone by post is the total amount on your cart button which included Recorded Special delivery back to your door !!!


How do I pay?

You can pay online or you can send postal order, cheques (you have to wait for cheque to clear), Cash, Or we can contact you once repaired for payment.


How long does it take?

Our turn around time for Repairing is QUICK !!!

We unlock your phone usualy the same day it arrives to us and in most cases we post it back to you the same day too!


How to pack your phone before sending it to us

-Take out your simcard and memory card and keep it safe, as this is not needed to unlock your phone.

-Fully charge the battery and turn your phone off.

-Wrap your phone in bubble wrap or similar.

-Place wrapped phone in a jiffy bag, along with your completed and signed order form

-We recommend you send your phone special delivery, to ensure your phone is delivered and signed for by us safely.


How can I trust FoneFunShop with my phone

We pride ourselves on our work, and have been unlocking customers phones since 1997. Because we also supply the latest unlocking equipment worldwide you can rest easily knowing that we know what we are doing. We are trustworthy, established VAT registered company, both online and on the high street. Please view our Customer Testimonials



We do not UNBLOCK phones that have been reported lost or stolen. This is illegal, so please don't ask us !! More details on how to tell if your phone is blocked can be found here


Where do I send my phone?

Complete the Process and send the phone to us with your repair payment receipt,

print it out, sign it, and mail it with your phone

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    Motorola TimeportP7389, Motorola V120C, Motorola V120t, Motorola V15, Motorola V150, Motorola V151, Motorola V170, Motorola V171, Motorola V172, Motorola V173, Motorola V175, Motorola V176, Motorola V177, Motorola V180, Motorola V185, Motorola V186, Motorola V186r, Motorola V120, Motorola V1150, Motorola V1100, Motorola TimeportP7389e, Motorola TimeportP7389i, Motorola TimeportP7689, Motorola TimeportP8088, Motorola TimeportP8767, Motorola TimeportT260, Motorola TimeportT280, Motorola U3PEBL, Motorola U6c, Motorola U6PEBL, Motorola U9, Motorola V100, Motorola V1000, Motorola V101, Motorola V1050, Motorola V1075, Motorola V188, Motorola V188m, Motorola V2390, Motorola V2397, Motorola V260, Motorola V262, Motorola V263, Motorola V265, Motorola V266, Motorola V267p, Motorola V270, Motorola V276, Motorola V290, Motorola V291, Motorola V295, Motorola V3, Motorola V300, Motorola V303, Motorola V237, Motorola V235, Motorola V230, Motorola V190, Motorola V191, Motorola V195, Motorola V195s, Motorola V196, Motorola V197, Motorola V200, Motorola V2088, Motorola V2188, Motorola V220, Motorola V220e, Motorola V220i, Motorola V226, Motorola V2260, Motorola v2288, Motorola V2290, Motorola V323, Motorola TimeportP7089, Motorola SlimLite, Motorola StarTac8000, Motorola StarTac8090, Motorola Startac85, Motorola StarTac8500, Motorola StarTac8600, Motorola StarTACIII, Motorola StartacRainbow, Motorola T120, Motorola T180, Motorola T182c, Motorola T189, Motorola T190, Motorola T191, Motorola T192, Motorola T192EMO, Motorola T192Lite, Motorola StarTac7868W, Motorola StarTac7860, Motorola StarTac7797, Motorola SLVRL2, Motorola SLVRL6, Motorola SLVRL7, Motorola St7790, Motorola St7797, Motorola St7890, Motorola StarTac, Motorola Startac130, Motorola StarTac3000, Motorola StarTac6000, Motorola StarTac6500, Motorola Startac70, Motorola Startac75, Motorola StarTac75+, Motorola StarTAC7760, Motorola StarTac7790, Motorola T193, Motorola T205, Motorola T725e, Motorola T730, Motorola T731, Motorola T750, Motorola T8090, Motorola T8097, Motorola T8160, Motorola Talkabout180, Motorola Talkabout8167, Motorola Ti250E, Motorola Timeport270c, Motorola Timeport280i, Motorola Timeporti2000, Motorola TimeportL7089, Motorola TimeportL7189, Motorola TimeportL7389, Motorola T725, Motorola T722i, Motorola T721, Motorola T2260, Motorola T2288, Motorola T2297, Motorola T250, Motorola T260, Motorola T2688, Motorola T280, Motorola T280i, Motorola T288, Motorola T2988, Motorola T300p, Motorola T360, Motorola T720, Motorola T720c, Motorola T720i, Motorola T720s, Motorola TimeportP1088, Motorola V323i, Motorola V635, Motorola V872, Motorola V878, Motorola V890, Motorola V8RAZR2, Motorola V8SLVR, Motorola V9, Motorola V975, Motorola V980, Motorola V980m, Motorola V9Ferrari, Motorola V9mRAZR2, Motorola V9RAZR2, Motorola V9x, Motorola VA76, Motorola VA76R, Motorola VE538, Motorola v870, Motorola V868, Motorola V8260, Motorola V65p, Motorola V66, Motorola V66i, Motorola V680, Motorola V690, Motorola V70, Motorola V700, Motorola V710, Motorola V710p, Motorola V720, Motorola V730, Motorola V750, Motorola V80, Motorola V8088, Motorola V810, Motorola V8160, Motorola W170, Motorola W175, Motorola W385, Motorola W395, Motorola W396, Motorola W450Active, Motorola W490, Motorola W5, Motorola W510, Motorola W6, Motorola Z10, Motorola Z3RIZR, Motorola Z6m, Motorola Z6RIZR, Motorola Z6w, Motorola Z8RIZR, Motorola Z9, Motorola ZineZN5, Motorola W380, Motorola W377, Motorola W376, Motorola W180, Motorola W205, Motorola w206, Motorola W208, Motorola W210, Motorola W215, Motorola W218, Motorola W220, Motorola W230, Motorola W270, Motorola W3, Motorola W315, Motorola W355, Motorola W360, Motorola W370, Motorola W375, Motorola Model not listed, Motorola V628, Motorola V325, Motorola V3ie, Motorola V3IPink, Motorola V3iRE, Motorola V3iTunes, Motorola V3iv, Motorola V3M, Motorola V3PINK, Motorola V3r, Motorola V3RAZR, Motorola V3re, Motorola V3t, Motorola V3v, Motorola V3X, Motorola V3x, Motorola V3xRefresh, Motorola V3xv, Motorola V3i, Motorola V3I, Motorola V3e, Motorola V325i, Motorola V330, Motorola V360, Motorola V360i, Motorola V360v, Motorola V361, Motorola V3620, Motorola V365, Motorola V367, Motorola V3688, Motorola V3690, Motorola V3a, Motorola V3b, Motorola V3Black, Motorola V3c, Motorola V3D&G, Motorola V3xx, Motorola V400, Motorola V555, Motorola V557, Motorola V557p, Motorola V560, Motorola V6, Motorola V60, Motorola V600, Motorola V600i, Motorola V6060, Motorola V60c, Motorola V60ci, Motorola V60i, Motorola V60p, Motorola V60t, Motorola V60ti, Motorola V60v, Motorola V551m, Motorola V551j, Motorola V551g, Motorola V400p, Motorola V50, Motorola V500, Motorola V501, Motorola V505, Motorola V51, Motorola V510, Motorola V52, Motorola V525, Motorola V525m, Motorola V535, Motorola V540, Motorola V545, Motorola V547, Motorola V550, Motorola V551, Motorola V620, Motorola RAZRZ, Motorola C205, Motorola C330, Motorola C331, Motorola C331t, Motorola C332, Motorola C333, Motorola C334, Motorola C335, Motorola C336, Motorola C340, Motorola C341c, Motorola C343, Motorola C343a, Motorola C343c, Motorola C350, Motorola C350i, Motorola C350L, Motorola C305, Motorola C300, Motorola C290, Motorola C210, Motorola C213, Motorola C215, Motorola C222, Motorola C230, Motorola C236, Motorola C236i, Motorola C250, Motorola C253, Motorola C256, Motorola C257, Motorola C260, Motorola C261, Motorola C266, Motorola C268, Motorola C289, Motorola C350v, Motorola C353, Motorola C650, Motorola C651, Motorola C698p, Motorola C975, Motorola C980, Motorola C980m, Motorola CD160, Motorola CD920, Motorola CD930, Motorola CN620, Motorola D160, Motorola D170, Motorola D460, Motorola D470, Motorola D520, Motorola D560, Motorola C550, Motorola C520, Motorola C450L, Motorola C355, Motorola C355v, Motorola C357, Motorola C358, Motorola C359, Motorola C359V, Motorola C364, Motorola C370, Motorola C375, Motorola C380, Motorola C381, Motorola C381p, Motorola C384, Motorola C385, Motorola C390, Motorola C450, Motorola DB880, Motorola C202, Select Model, Motorola A1220i, Motorola A360, Motorola A388, Motorola A388c, Motorola A41x, Motorola A6188, Motorola A6288, Motorola A630, Motorola A668, Motorola A728, Motorola A732, Motorola A760, Motorola A768(i), Motorola A780, Motorola A820, Motorola A830, Motorola A1200r, Motorola A1200e, Motorola A1200(i), Motorola 280, Motorola 2688, Motorola 3160, Motorola 6900, Motorola 8700, Motorola 8900, Motorola 120e, Motorola 120t, Motorola 182c, Motorola 270c, Motorola 60c, Motorola 60t, Motorola A008, Motorola A009, Motorola A1000, Motorola A1010, Motorola A832, Motorola A835, Motorola C116, Motorola C117, Motorola C118, Motorola C121, Motorola C136, Motorola C139, Motorola C140, Motorola C150, Motorola C151, Motorola C155, Motorola C156, Motorola C157, Motorola C168, Motorola C168i, Motorola C195, Motorola C200, Motorola C115, Motorola C113a, Motorola C113, Motorola A840, Motorola A845, Motorola A860, Motorola A910, Motorola A920, Motorola A925, Motorola Accompli008, Motorola Accompli009, Motorola Accompli388, Motorola Accompli388c, Motorola Active, Motorola ACTV, Motorola AKitty, Motorola Aura, Motorola Blend, Motorola Buzz, Motorola C201, Motorola E1000, Motorola L2, Motorola M3588, Motorola M3688, Motorola M3788, Motorola M3888, Motorola M6088, Motorola M70, Motorola M75, Motorola M800, Motorola M8989, Motorola M900, Motorola M930, Motorola MicroTacElite, Motorola MicroTacLiteXL, Motorola MotoQ, Motorola MotoQ8, Motorola MotoQ9, Motorola M3288, Motorola M3188, Motorola M3097, Motorola L2000, Motorola L6, Motorola L7, Motorola L7189, Motorola L7c, Motorola L7e, Motorola L7iTunes, Motorola L7SLVR, Motorola L7v, Motorola L7y, Motorola L9, Motorola LF2000i, Motorola M008, Motorola M1000, Motorola M30, Motorola M3090, Motorola MPx, Motorola MPx100, Motorola P7689, Motorola P7789, Motorola P8088, Motorola P8160, Motorola P8767, Motorola PCN780, Motorola PDC650e, Motorola Q, Motorola Q11, Motorola Q700(SideKickSlide), Motorola Q8, Motorola Q9, Motorola Q9h, Motorola QA30, Motorola QGlobal, Motorola R750Plus, Motorola P7382iTimeport, Motorola P281, Motorola P280, Motorola MPx200, Motorola MPx220, Motorola MPx300, Motorola MR201, Motorola MS100, Motorola MS230, Motorola MS280, Motorola MS300, Motorola MS340, Motorola MS400, Motorola MS550, Motorola MS600, Motorola MSTAR, Motorola MT228, Motorola P1088, Motorola P250, Motorola R880, Motorola K3m, Motorola E1000M, Motorola E550, Motorola E6, Motorola E680, Motorola E680i, Motorola E720v, Motorola E725, Motorola E770, Motorola E770v, Motorola E790, Motorola E798, Motorola E8, Motorola E815, Motorola E816, Motorola E895, Motorola E920, Motorola EM25, Motorola E398U, Motorola E398B, Motorola E398, Motorola E1001, Motorola E1060, Motorola E1070, Motorola E1120, Motorola E1ROKR, Motorola E2ROKR, Motorola E3, Motorola E310, Motorola E360, Motorola E365, Motorola E370, Motorola E375, Motorola E378(i), Motorola E380, Motorola E390, Motorola E396, Motorola EM28, Motorola EM325, Motorola i833Pininfarina, Motorola i836, Motorola i850, Motorola i860, Motorola i870, Motorola i880, Motorola i90c, Motorola i930, Motorola i95, Motorola i95cl, Motorola ic402, Motorola ic502, Motorola K1KRZR, Motorola K1mKRZR, Motorola K1s, Motorola K1vKRZR, Motorola i833, Motorola i830, Motorola i776, Motorola EM330, Motorola F3, Motorola Flare, Motorola FONEF3c, Motorola FX900, Motorola Hint, Motorola I2000, Motorola i275, Motorola i325, Motorola i355, Motorola i560, Motorola i580, Motorola i605, Motorola i710, Motorola i730, Motorola i760, Motorola K3KRZR
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