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OSS Client

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OSS is a nice and easy unlocking software. Stable and powerful that can be used by any users. Just open OSS Tool file, enter your login and password and enjoy!

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OSS Client Pro License

OSS is a nice and easy unlocking software. Stable and powerful that can be used by any users. Just open OSS Tool file, enter your login and password and enjoy!

OSS licence is protected on one computer when you will get your access to use OSS just fill in login and password and start use it ( if computer where you have fill your licence access broken or you have change computer we can reset it to new one).

No Need Buy Activation, No Need Credits All is included in licence OSS.

OSS License Pro : unlimited unlocks

All future updates are for free

OSS supports large part of models in the market:



Download OSS Client Here


Features in Brief

Alcatel by imei calculation and code reader

Avvio by imei calculation

BlackBerry, by imei calculation , code Reader , Direct Unlock , Mep 0 remove , change qwerty to azerty , azerty to qwerty , read and restore firmware

Doro by imei calculation

Gtran by imei calculation

Huawei by imei calculation code reader and direct unlock

Mojo by imei calculation

Motorola Odm by imei calculation

MTK Android : Code Reader

Pantech by imei calculation

Samsung Code Reader and Direct Unlock

Sony Ericsson : Direct unlock

Vetcla by imei calculation

Zte by imei calculation Direct Unlock

And More ......


+ Unlock mobiles and modems

+ One software many possibilities

OSS Client Description:


---------- Huawei Android ----------

Y300 - Direct Unlock
G300 - Direct Unlock
U8815 - Direct Unlock
U8818 - Direct Unlock
M931 - Direct Unlock
U8833 - Direct Unlock
U8800 - Direct Unlock
U8665 Fusion 2 - Direct Unlock
U8681 - Direct Unlock

---------- Samsung ----------

GT-S7580 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S7582 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S7390 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S7390G - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S7390L - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S7392 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6810 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6810B - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6810E - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6810L - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6810M - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6810P - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6812 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6790 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6790L - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S6792 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S5303 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S5310 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S5310E - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S5310G - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S5312 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S5312L - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S5301 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-S5301L - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
SM-G350 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
SM-G310HN - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
SM-N7505 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-I9080 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-I9080L - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-I9082 - Imei Repair / Relock Phone
GT-I9082L - Imei Repair / Relock Phone

Note : For Relock These phones to any operator need to add MCC/MNC of operator
Note : Direct Unlock is Already Supported

---------- Alcatel ----------

OT-903 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-903A - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-918 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-918A - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-918N - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-918S - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-C918 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-A919 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-C919 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-MOV2 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-W939 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-M960 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-V861 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-991 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-985 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-985A - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-985X - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-985N - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-C985 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-913 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-913A - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-913X - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-913N - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-916 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-922 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-928 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-997 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-A996 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-W969 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-A986 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-A980 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-J610 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-4010A - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-4005 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-4007 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-4010 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-4010D - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-4010E - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-4012 - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone
OT-4110E - Direct Unlock / Relock Phone

PS : If you have some MTK phones Android ,Vtecla, Zte , Huawei .... test with one of this Alcatel listed must work
Get Ready For More Surprise In Next Updates

Supported Models:

alcatel OT-090
alcatel OT-1009A
alcatel OT-1009X
alcatel OT-1010
alcatel OT-1010D
alcatel OT-1010X
alcatel OT-1011
alcatel OT-1011A
alcatel OT-1011D
alcatel OT-1011X
alcatel OT-1012X
alcatel OT-103
alcatel OT-1030A
alcatel OT-1030D
alcatel OT-1030X
alcatel OT-103A
alcatel OT-104
alcatel OT-1040X
alcatel OT-1042D
alcatel OT-1042X
alcatel OT-1046D
alcatel OT-1046G
alcatel OT-104A
alcatel OT-105
alcatel OT-1051A
alcatel OT-1051D
alcatel OT-1051N
alcatel OT-105A
alcatel OT-106
alcatel OT-1060
alcatel OT-1060D
alcatel OT-1062
alcatel OT-1063
alcatel OT-108
alcatel OT-109
alcatel OT-112
alcatel OT-113
alcatel OT-117
alcatel OT-140
alcatel OT-150
alcatel OT-2000X
alcatel OT-2010
alcatel OT-2010G
alcatel OT-203
alcatel OT-203A
alcatel OT-203E
alcatel OT-204
alcatel OT-205
alcatel OT-206
alcatel OT-208
alcatel OT-208A
alcatel OT-209
alcatel OT-209A
alcatel OT-213
alcatel OT-214
alcatel OT-214A
alcatel OT-216
alcatel OT-217
alcatel OT-217A
alcatel OT-217D
alcatel OT-222
alcatel OT-222A
alcatel OT-223
alcatel OT-223A
alcatel OT-228
alcatel OT-236G
alcatel OT-250
alcatel OT-252
alcatel OT-255
alcatel OT-255A
alcatel OT-255D
alcatel OT-262
alcatel OT-268
alcatel OT-282
alcatel OT-282A
alcatel OT-292
alcatel OT-300
alcatel OT-3000D
alcatel OT-3000G
alcatel OT-3000H
alcatel OT-3001G
alcatel OT-3002G
alcatel OT-3003G
alcatel OT-301
alcatel OT-301A
alcatel OT-3020D
alcatel OT-3020G
alcatel OT-303
alcatel OT-3035A
alcatel OT-303A
alcatel OT-304
alcatel OT-3040
alcatel OT-3040D
alcatel OT-3040D
alcatel OT-3040G
alcatel OT-3041D
alcatel OT-3041G
alcatel OT-3042G
alcatel OT-305
alcatel OT-305A
alcatel OT-306
alcatel OT-306A
alcatel OT-308
alcatel OT-308A
alcatel OT-310
alcatel OT-311
alcatel OT-3116N
alcatel OT-312
alcatel OT-3142G
alcatel OT-315
alcatel OT-315M
alcatel OT-316
alcatel OT-317
alcatel OT-317M
alcatel OT-318
alcatel OT-318D
alcatel OT-352
alcatel OT-355
alcatel OT-355A
alcatel OT-355D
alcatel OT-356
alcatel OT-356A
alcatel OT-360
alcatel OT-360A
alcatel OT-361
alcatel OT-361A
alcatel OT-362
alcatel OT-363
alcatel OT-363A
alcatel OT-383
alcatel OT-383A
alcatel OT-385
alcatel OT-385D
alcatel OT-385J
alcatel OT-385JA
alcatel OT-390
alcatel OT-390A
alcatel OT-4005
alcatel OT-4005D
alcatel OT-4007
alcatel OT-4007A
alcatel OT-4007D
alcatel OT-4007E
alcatel OT-4007X
alcatel OT-4010
alcatel OT-4010A
alcatel OT-4010A
alcatel OT-4010D
alcatel OT-4010D
alcatel OT-4010E
alcatel OT-4010E
alcatel OT-4010X
alcatel OT-4011X
alcatel OT-4012
alcatel OT-4015A
alcatel OT-4015D
alcatel OT-4015N
alcatel OT-4015T
alcatel OT-4015X
alcatel OT-4016A
alcatel OT-4016X
alcatel OT-4018A
alcatel OT-4018D
alcatel OT-4018F
alcatel OT-4018M
alcatel OT-4018X
alcatel OT-4030D
alcatel OT-4110E
alcatel OT-455
alcatel OT-5020A
alcatel OT-5020D
alcatel OT-5020E
alcatel OT-5020T
alcatel OT-5020W
alcatel OT-5020X
alcatel OT-5021E
alcatel OT-5035A
alcatel OT-5035D
alcatel OT-5035E
alcatel OT-5035X
alcatel OT-5038A
alcatel OT-5038E
alcatel OT-5038X
alcatel OT-505
alcatel OT-505K
alcatel OT-506
alcatel OT-506A
alcatel OT-506D
alcatel OT-508
alcatel OT-508A
alcatel OT-5120A
alcatel OT-540
alcatel OT-543
alcatel OT-565
alcatel OT-565A
alcatel OT-565K
alcatel OT-585
alcatel OT-585A
alcatel OT-585D
alcatel OT-585F
alcatel OT-600
alcatel OT-600A
alcatel OT-6010
alcatel OT-6010A
alcatel OT-6010D
alcatel OT-6010X
alcatel OT-602
alcatel OT-602A
alcatel OT-602D
alcatel OT-6030
alcatel OT-6030A
alcatel OT-6030D
alcatel OT-6030N
alcatel OT-6030X
alcatel OT-6032A
alcatel OT-6032X
alcatel OT-6033
alcatel OT-6033A
alcatel OT-6033M
alcatel OT-6033Q
alcatel OT-6033X
alcatel OT-6040
alcatel OT-6040A
alcatel OT-6040D
alcatel OT-6040E
alcatel OT-6040X
alcatel OT-606
alcatel OT-606A
alcatel OT-6110
alcatel OT-6110A
alcatel OT-650
alcatel OT-660
alcatel OT-660A
alcatel OT-665
alcatel OT-665A
alcatel OT-7025D
alcatel OT-7025X
alcatel OT-706
alcatel OT-706A
alcatel OT-708
alcatel OT-708A
alcatel OT-710
alcatel OT-710A
alcatel OT-710D
alcatel OT-710K
alcatel OT-7110
alcatel OT-7110A
alcatel OT-799
alcatel OT-799A
alcatel OT-800
alcatel OT-8008
alcatel OT-8008D
alcatel OT-8008W
alcatel OT-8008X
alcatel OT-800A
alcatel OT-802
alcatel OT-8020
alcatel OT-8020A
alcatel OT-8020D
alcatel OT-8020E
alcatel OT-8020X
alcatel OT-802A
alcatel OT-802Y
alcatel OT-803
alcatel OT-803A
alcatel OT-803D
alcatel OT-803F
alcatel OT-806
alcatel OT-806A
alcatel OT-806D
alcatel OT-807
alcatel OT-807A
alcatel OT-807D
alcatel OT-808
alcatel OT-808A
alcatel OT-808G
alcatel OT-808M
alcatel OT-809
alcatel OT-810
alcatel OT-810A
alcatel OT-810D
alcatel OT-810F
alcatel OT-813
alcatel OT-813A
alcatel OT-813D
alcatel OT-813F
alcatel OT-818
alcatel OT-818A
alcatel OT-818D
alcatel OT-819
alcatel OT-819A
alcatel OT-819D
alcatel OT-828
alcatel OT-880
alcatel OT-880A
alcatel OT-888
alcatel OT-888A
alcatel OT-888D
alcatel OT-890
alcatel OT-891
alcatel OT-900
alcatel OT-900A
alcatel OT-901
alcatel OT-901A
alcatel OT-901S
alcatel OT-903
alcatel OT-903A
alcatel OT-905
alcatel OT-905A
alcatel OT-907
alcatel OT-908
alcatel OT-908A
alcatel OT-908F
alcatel OT-908S
alcatel OT-909
alcatel OT-909A
alcatel OT-909S
alcatel OT-910
alcatel OT-910A
alcatel OT-913
alcatel OT-913A
alcatel OT-913X
alcatel OT-916
alcatel OT-916X/D/N/A/S
alcatel OT-918
alcatel OT-918A
alcatel OT-918N
alcatel OT-918S
alcatel OT-918X/D/N/A/S
alcatel OT-922
alcatel OT-928
alcatel OT-970H
alcatel OT-980
alcatel OT-980A
alcatel OT-981
alcatel OT-981A
alcatel OT-985
alcatel OT-985A
alcatel OT-985N
alcatel OT-985X
alcatel OT-985X/D/N/A/S
alcatel OT-990
alcatel OT-990A
alcatel OT-990S
alcatel OT-991
alcatel OT-991X/D/A/S
alcatel OT-993
alcatel OT-995
alcatel OT-996
alcatel OT-997
alcatel OT-A890
alcatel OT-A909
alcatel OT-A919
alcatel OT-A919
alcatel OT-A966
alcatel OT-A980
alcatel OT-A986
alcatel OT-A990
alcatel OT-A996
alcatel OT-AM01
alcatel OT-B331
alcatel OT-C701
alcatel OT-C701D
alcatel OT-C818
alcatel OT-C819
alcatel OT-C819D
alcatel OT-C908
alcatel OT-C918
alcatel OT-C919
alcatel OT-C985
alcatel OT-C990
alcatel OT-F101
alcatel OT-F115
alcatel OT-F121
alcatel OT-F122
alcatel OT-F152
alcatel OT-F330
alcatel OT-F331
alcatel OT-F344
alcatel OT-i606
alcatel OT-i650
alcatel OT-i650A
alcatel OT-i780
alcatel OT-i802
alcatel OT-i808
alcatel OT-i818
alcatel OT-i880
alcatel OT-i888
alcatel OT-i898
alcatel OT-i900
alcatel OT-i905
alcatel OT-J610
alcatel OT-KR01
alcatel OT-KR01A
alcatel OT-M960
alcatel OT-MOV2
alcatel OT-MOV2
alcatel OT-MOVE
alcatel OT-MS01
alcatel OT-MS02
alcatel OT-Q3
alcatel OT-Q5
alcatel OT-S521A
alcatel OT-S621
alcatel OT-S626
alcatel OT-S626A
alcatel OT-T208
alcatel OT-T218
alcatel OT-T255
alcatel OT-T355
alcatel OT-T66
alcatel OT-V155
alcatel OT-V345
alcatel OT-V354
alcatel OT-V355
alcatel OT-V555
alcatel OT-V570
alcatel OT-V570A
alcatel OT-V861
alcatel OT-V958
alcatel OT-W939
alcatel OT-W939
alcatel OT-W969
alcatel Tmn Easy 11
alcatel VIRGIN VM575
alcatel X090
alcatel X220


  • avvio 410
    avvio sn50
    avvio sn70
    avvio T519

Unlock MEP0 for Blackberry

blackberry 6120
blackberry 6210
blackberry 6220
blackberry 6230
blackberry 6280
blackberry 6510
blackberry 6710
blackberry 6720
blackberry 6750
blackberry 7100
blackberry 7100G
blackberry 7100i
blackberry 7100R
blackberry 7100T
blackberry 7100V
blackberry 7100X
blackberry 7105T
blackberry 7130
blackberry 7130C
blackberry 7130E
blackberry 7130G
blackberry 7130V
blackberry 7210
blackberry 7230
blackberry 7250
blackberry 7270
blackberry 7280
blackberry 7290
blackberry 7510
blackberry 7520
blackberry 7730
blackberry 7750
blackberry 7780
blackberry 8100 Pearl
blackberry 8110 Pearl
blackberry 8120 Pearl
blackberry 8130 Pearl
blackberry 8220 Pearl Flip
blackberry 8300 Curve
blackberry 8310 Curve
blackberry 8310V Curve
blackberry 8320 Curve
blackberry 8330 World Edition
blackberry 8350i
blackberry 850
blackberry 8500 Curve
blackberry 8520 Curve
blackberry 8520 Curve Gemini
blackberry 8530
blackberry 857
blackberry 8700C
blackberry 8700F
blackberry 8700G
blackberry 8700R
blackberry 8700V
blackberry 8703E
blackberry 8705G
blackberry 8707G
blackberry 8707V
blackberry 8800
blackberry 8810 Pearl
blackberry 8820
blackberry 8830 World Edition
blackberry 8900 Curve
blackberry 8900 Javelin
blackberry 9000 Bold
blackberry 9020 Onyx
blackberry 9100 Pearl
blackberry 9105
blackberry 9220
blackberry 9300 Curve
blackberry 9315
blackberry 9320
blackberry 9330
blackberry 9360
blackberry 9380
blackberry 9500 Storm
blackberry 9500 Thunder
blackberry 9520
blackberry 9520 (drm)
blackberry 9520 Storm 2
blackberry 9530 Storm
blackberry 9550 Storm 2
blackberry 9600 Tour
blackberry 9630 Niagara
blackberry 9630 Tour
blackberry 9650 Bold
blackberry 9650 Essex
blackberry 9670
blackberry 9700 Bold
blackberry 9780
blackberry 9790
blackberry 9790 Bold Bellagio
blackberry 9800 Torch
blackberry 9810 Torch
blackberry 9850
blackberry 9860 Torch
blackberry 9900 Bold
blackberry 9930
blackberry P9981 Porsche


doro 345
doro 409
doro 409S
doro 410
doro 410S
doro 610


gtran N120
gtran N510


huawei Ascend Y320
huawei B260A
huawei B960
huawei B970
huawei E122
huawei E153
huawei E155
huawei E1550
huawei E1551
huawei E1552
huawei E1553
huawei E155X
huawei E156
huawei E156B
huawei E156C
huawei E156G
huawei E159
huawei E159G
huawei E160
huawei E1609
huawei E160E
huawei E160G
huawei E160X
huawei E161
huawei E1612
huawei E1615
huawei E1616
huawei E161E
huawei E162G
huawei E1630
huawei E1632
huawei E166
huawei E166G
huawei E169
huawei E1690
huawei E1692
huawei E169G
huawei E170
huawei E170G
huawei E171
huawei E172
huawei E172G
huawei E173
huawei E1732
huawei E1750
huawei E1750C
huawei E1752
huawei E1756
huawei E176
huawei E1762
huawei E176G
huawei E180
huawei E1803
huawei E180G
huawei E180S
huawei E181
huawei E1815
huawei E182
huawei E1820
huawei E182E
huawei E196
huawei E216
huawei E219
huawei E220
huawei E226
huawei E230
huawei E270
huawei E271
huawei E272
huawei E3131
huawei E3231
huawei E3256
huawei E3272
huawei E352
huawei E353
huawei E353WS
huawei E353WS-2
huawei E357
huawei E362
huawei E367
huawei E368
huawei E372
huawei E392
huawei E398
huawei E510
huawei E5331
huawei E5332
huawei E5332s-2
huawei E583
huawei E5830
huawei E5838
huawei E583c
huawei E585u-82
huawei E585v2
huawei E586e
huawei E589
huawei E589U
huawei E58XX
huawei E612
huawei E618
huawei E620
huawei E630
huawei E630+
huawei E660
huawei E660A
huawei E800
huawei E870
huawei E880
huawei E960
huawei E970
huawei EG162
huawei EG162G
huawei EG602
huawei EG602G
huawei EM770
huawei G20
huawei G3501 S.America
huawei G5500
huawei G5510
huawei G5510i
huawei G5726
huawei G6003
huawei G6005
huawei G6151
huawei G6210
huawei G6600
huawei G6601
huawei G6605
huawei G6608
huawei G6609
uawei G6610
huawei G6610v
huawei G6620
huawei G6622
huawei G6622
huawei G6800
huawei G6800
huawei G7000
huawei G7002
huawei G7105
huawei G7210
huawei G7300
huawei G7300E
huawei G7510
huawei G7600
huawei KNP Touch
huawei Orange Panama
huawei S4011
huawei SS 1050
huawei SS 1060
huawei SS 1070
huawei SS 1080
huawei SS 1090
huawei SS 660
huawei SS 880
huawei SS 990
huawei U8150 ideos
huawei U8160
huawei U8180 ideos X1
huawei U8220
huawei U8230
huawei U8300
huawei U8350
huawei U8500
huawei U8510 ideos X3
huawei UMG1691
huawei UMG181
huawei UMG1831
huawei VM720
huawei VM820


mojo C200
mojo Chat


motorola WX160
motorola WX161
motorola WX180
motorola WX181
motorola WX181A
motorola WX260
motorola WX265
motorola WX280
motorola WX288
motorola WX290
motorola WX290A
motorola WX295
motorola WX295A
motorola WX390
motorola WX395


pantech C600
pantech C610
pantech C630
pantech C740 Matrix
pantech C790 Aladdin
pantech C810 Duo
pantech C820 Matrix Pro
pantech P1010 Xtreme
pantech P2000 Breeze 2
pantech P2020 Ease
pantech P2030 Breeze 3
pantech P5000 Link 2
pantech P6010 Pursuit 2
pantech P7000 Impact
pantech P7040 Link
pantech P8000 Crossover
pantech P9020 Pursuit
pantech P9050 Lazer
pantech P9070 Burst


samsung A137
samsung A177
samsung A226
samsung A227
samsung A237
samsung A256
samsung A257
samsung A437
samsung B130S
samsung B130T
samsung B138
samsung B2100
samsung B2100B
samsung B270i
samsung BC01
samsung C145
samsung C160
samsung C160B
samsung C160L
samsung C160M
samsung C165
samsung C166
samsung C168
samsung C168L
samsung C270
samsung C276
samsung C276L
samsung C280
samsung C288
samsung C3222
samsung C3222W
samsung C3300
samsung C3300i
samsung C3300K
samsung C3303
samsung C3303K
samsung C3500
samsung C3503
samsung C3522
samsung CC01
samsung CC03
samsung D600
samsung E1050
samsung E1050V
samsung E1055G
samsung E1055T
samsung E1070
samsung E1070C
samsung E1070L
samsung E1070M
samsung E1070T
samsung E1075
samsung E1080
samsung E1080F
samsung E1080i
samsung E1080T
samsung E1080W
samsung E1081T
samsung E1085
samsung E1085F
samsung E1085L
samsung E1085T
samsung E1086i
samsung E1086L
samsung E1086W
samsung E1087T
samsung E1088C
samsung E1100
samsung E1100C
samsung E1100F
samsung E1100H
samsung E1100T
samsung E1101C
samsung E1105
samsung E1105F
samsung E1105T
samsung E1107
samsung E1110
samsung E1110C
samsung E1112
samsung E1117
samsung E1120
samsung E1120C
samsung E1125
samsung E1125W
samsung E1130
samsung E1130B
samsung E1150
samsung E1150C
samsung E1150i
samsung E1153
samsung E1160
samsung E1170
samsung E1170i
samsung E1170T
samsung E1172
samsung E1175T
samsung E1180
samsung E1182
samsung E1182L
samsung E1186i
samsung E1186W
samsung E1190
samsung E1195
samsung E1200
samsung E1200M
samsung E1210
samsung E1210M
samsung E1210S
samsung E1215
samsung E1215F
samsung E1230
samsung E1230B
samsung E1230G
samsung E1230T
samsung E1232
samsung E1232L
samsung E1252
samsung E1263
samsung E1270
samsung E1272
samsung E1280
samsung E1282T
samsung E1310
samsung E1310B
samsung E1310C
samsung E1360
samsung E1360B
samsung E1360C
samsung E1360M
samsung E1360S
samsung E2100
samsung E2100B
samsung E2100L
samsung E2120
samsung E2120L
samsung E2121B
samsung E2121L
samsung E2130
samsung E2130B
samsung E2152
samsung E2200
samsung E2202
samsung E2210
samsung E2210B
samsung E2210C
samsung E2210H
samsung E2210L
samsung E2210T
samsung E2370
samsung GT-B5330
samsung GT-B5510
samsung GT-B5510B
samsung GT-B5510L
samsung GT-B6520
samsung GT-B7300
samsung GT-B7330
samsung GT-B7350
samsung GT-B7510
samsung GT-B7510L
samsung GT-B7610
samsung GT-B7620
samsung GT-I317
samsung GT-I317-NEW
samsung GT-I317M
samsung GT-I337
samsung GT-I337-NEW
samsung GT-I337M
samsung GT-I337M-NEW
samsung GT-I437
samsung GT-I535
samsung GT-I535-NEW
samsung GT-I537-NEW
samsung GT-I545-NEW
samsung GT-I547C
samsung GT-I547C-NEW
samsung GT-i5500
samsung GT-I5500
samsung GT-I5500B
samsung GT-I5500L
samsung GT-I5500M
samsung GT-I5503
samsung GT-I5503B
samsung GT-I5503T
samsung GT-I5508
samsung GT-I5510
samsung GT-I5510L
samsung GT-I5510M
samsung GT-I5510T
samsung GT-I5700
samsung GT-I5700E
samsung GT-I5700L
samsung GT-I577 1
samsung GT-I5800
samsung GT-I5800L
samsung GT-I5801
samsung GT-I6410
samsung GT-I6500
samsung GT-I667 1
samsung GT-I7110
samsung GT-I717 1
samsung GT-I717-NEW
samsung GT-I717D
samsung GT-I717D-NEW
samsung GT-I717M
samsung GT-I717M-NEW
samsung GT-I717R
samsung GT-I717R-NEW
samsung GT-I727
samsung GT-I727R
samsung GT-I747
samsung GT-I747-NEW
samsung GT-I747M
samsung GT-I747M-NEW
samsung GT-I747U
samsung GT-I747U-NEW
samsung GT-I7500
samsung GT-I7500L
samsung GT-I7500u
samsung GT-I757M
samsung GT-I8000
samsung GT-I8000L
samsung GT-I8150
samsung GT-I8150B
samsung GT-I8150T
samsung GT-i8160
samsung GT-i8190
samsung GT-i8190L
samsung GT-i8190M
samsung GT-I8200
samsung GT-I8200L
samsung GT-I8200N
samsung GT-I8200Q
samsung GT-I8260
samsung GT-I8262
samsung GT-I827
samsung GT-I8320
samsung GT-I8330
samsung GT-I8510
samsung GT-I8520
samsung GT-I857
samsung GT-I8700
samsung GT-I8730
samsung GT-I8730-NEW
samsung GT-I8910
samsung GT-i897
samsung GT-I900
samsung GT-I9000
samsung GT-I9001
samsung GT-I9003
samsung GT-I9008
samsung GT-I9010
samsung GT-I9020
samsung GT-I9023
samsung GT-I9070
samsung GT-i9070P
samsung GT-I908
samsung GT-I9080
samsung GT-I9080L
samsung GT-I9082
samsung GT-I9082L
samsung GT-I9088
samsung GT-I9100
samsung GT-I9100G
samsung GT-I9100P
samsung GT-I9103
samsung GT-I9105
samsung GT-I9105P
samsung GT-I9108
samsung GT-I917
samsung GT-I917R
samsung GT-I9188
samsung GT-I9190-NEW
samsung GT-I9192-NEW
samsung GT-I9195-NEW
samsung GT-I9200-NEW
samsung GT-I9205-NEW
samsung GT-I9210
samsung GT-I9300
samsung GT-I9300
samsung GT-I9305
samsung GT-I9305-NEW
samsung GT-I9305B
samsung GT-I9305N
samsung GT-I9305T
samsung GT-I9500
samsung GT-I9505
samsung GT-I9505-NEW
samsung GT-I9506
samsung GT-I9506-NEW
samsung GT-I9508
samsung GT-I9508-NEW
samsung GT-I957 1
samsung GT-I957D
samsung GT-I957M
samsung GT-I957R
samsung GT-i959
samsung GT-M919
samsung GT-M919-NEW
samsung GT-N7000
samsung GT-N7005
samsung GT-N7100
samsung GT-N7105
samsung GT-N7105-NEW
samsung GT-N7105T
samsung GT-N7105T-NEW
samsung GT-N8020
samsung GT-N8020-NEW
samsung GT-P7320
samsung GT-S5280
samsung GT-S5282
samsung GT-S5300
samsung GT-S5300
samsung GT-S5300B
samsung GT-S5300C
samsung GT-S5300L
samsung GT-S5301
samsung GT-S5301L
samsung GT-S5302
samsung GT-S5302B
samsung GT-S5303
samsung GT-S5310
samsung GT-S5310E
samsung GT-S5310G
samsung GT-S5312
samsung GT-S5312L
samsung GT-S5360
samsung GT-S5360B
samsung GT-S5360L
samsung GT-S5360T
samsung GT-S5363
samsung GT-S5369
samsung GT-S5570
samsung GT-S5570
samsung GT-S5570B
samsung GT-S5570B
samsung GT-S5570D
samsung GT-S5570I
samsung GT-S5570L
samsung GT-S5570L
samsung GT-S5571
samsung GT-S5578
samsung GT-S5660
samsung GT-S5660
samsung GT-S5660B
samsung GT-S5660M
samsung GT-S5660M
samsung GT-S5670
samsung GT-S5670
samsung GT-S5670B
samsung GT-S5670D
samsung GT-S5670L
samsung GT-S5690
samsung GT-S5830
samsung GT-S5830
samsung GT-S5830B
samsung GT-S5830B
samsung GT-S5830C
samsung GT-S5830D
samsung GT-S5830D
samsung GT-S5830i
samsung GT-S5830K
samsung GT-S5830L
samsung GT-S5830L
samsung GT-S5830M
samsung GT-S5830T
samsung GT-S5830T
samsung GT-S5830v
samsung GT-S5830V
samsung GT-S5830Z
samsung GT-S5838
samsung GT-S5839i
samsung GT-S6102
samsung GT-S6102B
samsung GT-S6310
samsung GT-S6310D
samsung GT-S6310L
samsung GT-S6310T
samsung GT-S6312
samsung GT-S6313
samsung GT-S6313T
samsung GT-S6352
samsung GT-S6500
samsung GT-S6500D
samsung GT-S6500L
samsung GT-S6500T
samsung GT-S6790
samsung GT-S6792
samsung GT-S6802
samsung GT-S6802B
samsung GT-S6810
samsung GT-S6810B
samsung GT-S6810E
samsung GT-S6810L
samsung GT-S6810M
samsung GT-S6810P
samsung GT-S6812
samsung GT-S730G
samsung GT-S730M
samsung GT-S7390
samsung GT-S7390G
samsung GT-S7390L
samsung GT-S7500
samsung GT-S7500
samsung GT-S7500L
samsung GT-S7500L
samsung GT-S7500T
samsung GT-S7500T
samsung GT-S7560
samsung GT-S7560M
samsung GT-S7562
samsung GT-S7562L
samsung GT-S7566
samsung GT-S7580
samsung GT-S7582
samsung GT-S7710
samsung GT-SC-02C
samsung GT-SC01B
samsung GT-SC02E
samsung GT-SC03D
samsung GT-SC04E-NEW
samsung GT-SC05D
samsung GT-SC06D
samsung GT-SC06D-NEW
samsung GT-T699-NEW
samsung GT-T757
samsung GT-T779-NEW
samsung GT-T879
samsung GT-T889
samsung GT-T889-NEW
samsung GT-T889V
samsung GT-T889V-NEW
samsung GT-T959
samsung GT-T989
samsung GT-T989D
samsung GT-T999
samsung GT-T999-NEW
samsung GT-T999L-NEW
samsung GT-T999V
samsung GT-T999V-NEW
samsung M1360
samsung SM-G350
samsung SM-T211
samsung T101
samsung T101G
samsung T109
samsung T119
samsung T139
samsung T155G
samsung T239

Sony Ericsson

sonyericsson Walkman [WT19]
sonyericsson Xperia Active [ST17]
sonyericsson Xperia Arc S [LT18]
sonyericsson Xperia Arc [LT15]
sonyericsson Xperia Arc [SO-01C]
sonyericsson Xperia Mini Pro [SK17]
sonyericsson Xperia Mini [S51SE]
sonyericsson Xperia Mini [ST15]
sonyericsson Xperia Neo V [MT11]
sonyericsson Xperia Neo [MT15]
sonyericsson Xperia Play [R800]
sonyericsson Xperia Play [SO-01D]
sonyericsson Xperia Play [Z1]
sonyericsson Xperia Pro [MK16]
sonyericsson Xperia Ray [SO-03C]
sonyericsson Xperia Ray [ST18]
sonyericsson Xperia X10
sonyericsson Xperia X8 [E15i]


Vtelca F310
Vtelca N720
Vtelca V791
Vtelca V793
Vtelca V8200


Zte Coral 255
Zte Coral 266
Zte Coral 550
Zte Coral 555
Zte Coral 690
Zte Coral 725
Zte Coral 850
Zte Global Z3
Zte Megafone Login 2
Zte Megafone MS3B
Zte Megafone MT3A
Zte Megafone Optima
Zte Movistar Class
Zte Movistar Class
Zte Movistar Link
Zte Movistar Link
Zte Movistar One
Zte Movistar Prime
Zte Movistar Prime
Zte Optimus Barcelona
Zte Optimus Dallas
Zte Optimus Lisbon
Zte Optimus SanFransisco
Zte Optimus sydney
Zte Optimus Vegas
Zte SanFransisco II
Zte Sapo A5
Zte SFR 114
Zte SFR 132
Zte SFR 231
Zte SFR 232
Zte SFR 241
Zte SFR 251
Zte SFR 251
Zte SFR 341
Zte SFR 342
Zte SFR 343
Zte SFR 552
Zte SFR Star Trail II
Zte SFR starnaute
Zte SmartFren Wide
Zte Softbank 003Z
Zte Star Addict
Zte Star Trail
Zte T Mobile Vairy Touch
Zte T Mobile Vairy Touch II
Zte T Mobile Vibe E200
Zte T-Mobile Vivacity
Zte T-Mobile Zest
Zte Tmn 1200
Zte Tmn 1210
Zte Tmn 1210
Zte Tmn 500
Zte Tmn 5000
Zte Tmn A5
Zte TMN A7
Zte Tmn Bluebelt 1
Zte Tmn Bluebelt II
Zte Tmn Easy 10
Zte Tmn Easy 11
Zte Tmn Easy 48
Zte Tmn Script
Zte Tmn Silverbelt
Zte Tmn Softstone
Zte Tmn starwars
Zte Turkcell Maxi Plus 5
Zte Turkcell Maxi Plus 5
Zte Turkcell T1
Zte Vodafone 1230
Zte vodafone 1231
Zte Vodafone 353
Zte Vodafone 547
Zte Vodafone 945
Zte Vodafone Smart Chat
Zte Zte 551
Zte Zte 811
Zte ZTE 811
Zte ZTE A21 Plus
Zte Zte A261
Zte ZTE Amazing A1
Zte ZTE Amigo
Zte ZTE ATLAS Telenor Touch Plus
Zte ZTE Atlas W
Zte ZTE Base Lutea
Zte ZTE Beeline A100
Zte Zte Blade
Zte ZTE Cute
Zte ZTE E400
Zte Zte E810
Zte ZTE E810.
Zte ZTE E821S
Zte ZTE F120
Zte ZTE F930
Zte ZTE F951
Zte ZTE GPF1134
Zte ZTE La poste
Zte ZTE Libra
Zte Zte Link
Zte ZTE Link
Zte Zte Mercury
Zte ZTE Monte Carlo
Zte Zte N61
Zte ZTE Orange
Zte ZTE P725
Zte ZTE P733
Zte ZTE P733K
Zte ZTE P733N
Zte ZTE P733T
Zte ZTE P735T
Zte ZTE P743
Zte ZTE P743T
Zte ZTE P752D
Zte ZTE P752E
Zte ZTE P752T
Zte Zte R255
Zte ZTE R3100
Zte Zte Racer
Zte ZTE Racer
Zte Zte Raise
Zte ZTE Roamer
Zte ZTE RTK D1Carl
Zte Zte Sage
Zte ZTE Skate
Zte ZTE Smile
Zte ZTE SoftStone
Zte Zte starnaute 2
Zte ZTE Sydney
Zte ZTE T22
Zte ZTE T28
Zte ZTE Tureis
Zte ZTE UT-Starcom
Zte ZTE V6202
Zte ZTE V760
Zte ZTE V788D
Zte ZTE V875
Zte ZTE V889D
Zte ZTE V889D
Zte ZTE V889M
Zte Zte v9 Light
Zte ZTE V960
Zte ZTE V9c
Zte ZTE Viettel
Zte ZTE Vivacity
Zte Zte X850
Zte Zte Xiang
Zte ZTE Z990
Zte ZTE Zest
Zte ZTE Zong R221
Zte ZTE Zong R231
Zte ZTE ZR22
Zte ZTE-G N220
Zte ZTE-G N261
Zte ZTE-G N281
Zte ZTE-G N285
Zte ZTE-G N290
Zte ZTE-G N295
Zte ZTE-G R221
Zte ZTE-G R225
Zte ZTE-G R228
Zte ZTE-G R230
Zte ZTE-G R231
Zte ZTE-G R235
Zte ZTE-G R236
Zte ZTE-G R236M
Zte Zte-G R238
Zte ZTE-G R250
Zte ZTE-G R260
Zte ZTE-G R321
Zte ZTE-G S202
Zte ZTE-G S203
Zte ZTE-G S213
Zte ZTE-G S215
Zte ZTE-G S511
Zte ZTE-G S512
Zte ZTE-G S516
Zte ZTE-G T202
Zte ZTE-G X670
Zte ZTE-G X671
Zte ZTE-G X672
Zte ZTE-G X730
Zte ZTE-G X760
Zte ZTE-G X761
Zte ZTE-G X930
Zte ZTE-G X960
Zte ZTE-G X990
Zte ZTE-G X991
Zte ZTE-G Z525
Zte ZTE-G Z533
Zte ZTE-G-R222


Package includes

Username and Password for OSS License Pro : unlimited unlocks

All future updates are for free

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Unlock codes and iPhone unlock services are based on the unique imei number of the customers phone, and are considered as a "made to a consumers specification" order.
These orders cannot be cancelled as they have no resale value.  For example, an unlock code for john's phone would not work on jane's phone, because the 2 phones have different imei numbers. the code would simply fail on all other phones except johns.  We have to order and pay for these codes from our suppliers for the customer once they place their orders online and supply their unique imei number, the codes are no good for anyone else so they cannot be resold to a different customer.


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