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V-Series Cables

What Are V-Series Cables?

  • V-Series F-bus Cables are a new money saving idea.

  • You simply buy the correct cable for your unlocking/flashing tool.

  • Then choose which f-bus connectors you wish to use with it.

  • Connecting them together gives you a fully working high quality cable.

  • This saves wear and tear on the rj45/rj48 port on your unlocking box's :-)

  • V-Series Cables not only save you money, they also save on storage space too !!


How Do I Create A V-Series Cable?

  • All you need to do is choose the cable type you need for your particular unlocking box ( 10 or 7 pin).

  • Then order any F-bus connectors you require.

  • We also can supply a full pack with all F-Bus cables below here

Items: 120 of 37, per page
Items: 120 of 37, per page