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Data Cables

Data Cables

We stock many different types of high quality data Data Cables for all models and connection types including Serial/Coms & USB.

The Data Cables we stock are for file transfer ie. photo's, music, ringtones, videos, contacts, etc.

Many are also used for charging your phone too.

We also stock service Data Cables unlocking / flashing / software repairing mobile phones too !!

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  • Xmate Omni2 Intelligent Anti Trickle Charge Data Cable For iPhone and Android
    • New!

    ✅ INTELLIGENT - Smartly controls super / normal / slow charging, regardless of mobile and power-source “smart”/”quick” charging feature.

    ✅ SECURE - Cut-off charging when it detects electrical anomaly. Protecting mobile from faulty, degraded power bank , charger. Avoids potentially serious damage and harm.

    ✅ DIAGNOSTIC TOOL - Aids in evaluating condition and capacity of power bank, charger.

    ✅ STRONG - Flexi Guard, long lasting anti-breakage from extreme flexing.

    ✅ EXTENDS LIFE SPAN - Prolongs battery life , extends service use of your device, by preventing over-charging, trickle-charging.

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  • Back up your Samsung Galaxy Tablet files on to PC and enjoy data transfer with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet USB Data Cable!
    • $5.22

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  • The e540 USB cable can be used with software to transmit picture, sound, video and Contacts List entries between your phone and your PC.

    • $10.45

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  • Micro SD USB Memory Card Reader

    • $1.04

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  • This pack is a real money saver.  Imagine having all the data cables you need for file transfer, sync, charging, and qualcom flashing, contacts backup all in one pack.  The cable pack comprises of 1 main usb cable that you connect to your PC and 22 connectors for many types of different mobile phone ports

    • $18.80

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