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Data Cables

Data Cables

We stock many different types of high quality data Data Cables for all models and connection types including Serial/Coms & USB.

The Data Cables we stock are for file transfer ie. photo's, music, ringtones, videos, contacts, etc.

Many are also used for charging your phone too.

We also stock service Data Cables unlocking / flashing / software repairing mobile phones too !!

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xmatedatacab Xmate Omni2 Intelligent Anti Trickle Charge Data Cable For iPhone and Android
  • New!
  • $20.43
samtab2cab USB Cable For Samsung Tab 2
  • $5.10
e540usbcab NEC E540 USB Data Cable
  • $10.21
microsdreader Micro SD USB Memory Card Reader
  • $1.02
22in1cabpak 22-in-1 USB Data Cable Set
  • $18.38