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Pedal Tune PT-00 For Mercedez Benz Older Models Performance Chip Tuner

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The Pedal Tune is very easy to install in your car and improves throttle response. It also helps eliminate lag caused by turbo and drive by wire systems.

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Pedal Tune PT-00 For Mercedez Benz Older Models



  • 21 modes to choose from according to your driving style.
  • Increases throttle response and its dynamic
  • Reduces gear box and turbo lags
  • Reduces lag caused by drive-by-wire pedal system
  • More driving pleaseure in every situation
  • Quick, easy plug and play installation
  • Using original / OEM connector
  • Software upgradeable


1. Pedal Tune is developed by European Engineers (Ukraine, Poland, Italy and Lithuania)

2. The flexibility of the software allows you to install this device on any vehicle with electronic acceleration pedal (means 99% of cars made in this century).

3. The power increase is up to 10%, it is safe for the engine and no loss of warranty on the car.

4. Different 18 presets will allow you to save fuel and reduce emissions, and enjoy sports riding.




  • Optimization of accelerator pedal Dynamic response 10% better acceleration *



  • High precision microcontroller Specially developed for the automotive application -40 degrees C to + 125 degrees C Integrated Active Low Energy Power 



  • Original DTE-PedalBox control software Vehicle-specific PedalBox profile developed and coordinated by DTE



  • 3 Programs Sport +, Sport and City Up to 7 fine adjustments per program Multi-protocol capable



  • Supply control unit for real-time optimization of the accelerator pedal
IMPORTANT: please check images on this page and be sure you rder the correct fitting for your car.  You should look at your existing fitting first to be sure you order the correct one.
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