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Flex Ribbon Replacement Service For LG

Flex Ribbon Replacement Service For LG

Send us your broken LG and we will repair it for you.
LG repairs are carried out at FoneFunShop Sheffield on a daily basis.
We have highly skilled engineers that have been repairing phones for years, and LG repairs are no problem.
Because the LG is so popular, we always carry stock of various LG parts.
We are also a mail order company and have experienced shipping staff too to look after and care for your LG.
Once we receive your phone, we will email you to let you know, and give you access to our unique Mail in Service Progress Checker where you can monitor the status of your job.

Alternative Drop in LG Repair Service
Our store is in Sheffield, maybe you would prefer to pop into the shop in Sheffield and get the job done. Most phones can be repaired same day and cost is normally a little cheaper as we don't have to post the phone back to you. Our address and opening times are here

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