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Phone Repair Tools

Phone Repair Tools

Tools for Phone, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad and tablet repair,

At FoneFunShop we offer a wide variety of tools to help when working with todays mobile smartphones.

From Microscopes, Adhesives, Soldering and Rework Stations to screwdrivers and beyond.

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microlens07 0.7X Ultra Zoom Lens For Microscope (48mm)
  • New!
  • $42.95
microlens05 0.5X Ultra Zoom Lens For Microscope (48mm)
  • New!
  • $42.95
repairmicroscope Sanqtid Industrial Trinocular Microscope With LED and Digital Display Phone IC Repairs Out of stock. Lead Time 7 Days
  • New!
  • $483.25
RT-14A Relife RT-14A Precision Steel Tough Strong Tweezers For Phone Repair IC Chip
  • New!
  • $10.73
dustdlight USB Dust Detection Light For Phone LCD Recycling and Screen Protector Application Only 1 left in stock
  • New!
  • $16.10
wn8090 D-GOLD WN8090 Universal BGA Reballing Station 80mm 90mm with Magnet Auto Adjust Stencil Holder
  • New!
  • $53.69
wlpcbhold WL PCB Holder Heat Resistant Universal Logic Board Holder For Micro Soldering IC Repair Only 5 left in stock
  • New!
  • $29.00
ss-001a Storage Box For Ongoing Disassembled Phone Repair
  • New!
  • $5.36
kaisimaghold Kaisi Universal Magnetic Logic Board PCB Holder For Mobile Phone Repair Only 5 left in stock
  • New!
  • $26.84
ibrush QianLi iBrush - High Temperature Resistant Logic Board Cleaning Brush For Phone Repair
  • $24.69
ss601J Sunshine SS-601J Heat Resistant Universal PCB Holder With Home Button & Chip Fixtures
  • $27.91
jfxip XIP Heat Conductive Rework Station For iPhone X Logic Board Separation Out of stock. Available For Back Order - Lead Time 10 Days
  • $170.74
ministoragebox Mini Storage Box For Small Phone Repair Parts
  • $1.07
partsboxsml Single Sided Storage / Carry Box For Small Phone Parts
  • $13.96