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Case for Samsung S24 Ultra With NFC E Ink Smart Display for Photos / Images

Case for Samsung S24 Ultra With NFC E Ink Smart Display for Photos / Images

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Introducing the latest innovation in phone cases - the NFC Case with A.I App E Ink Smart Display!

This revolutionary case not only protects your phone from drops and scratches, but also allows you to display your favourite photos and images in a completely new way.

With the built-in A.I. App, you can easily upload and change the images on the E Ink display with a simple tap of your phone.

Whether you want to show off your latest vacation pictures, your favourite artwork, or even cute selfies, the possibilities are endless.

Overall, the NFC Case with A.I App is a must-have accessory for tech-savvy individuals who want to elevate their smartphone experience. With its innovative features, stylish design, and customizable display options, this case is sure to become a favourite among phone users looking for something unique and versatile. Take your smartphone to the next level with this cutting-edge accessory today.


Here are a few reasons why this is a practical and stylish choice:-

Personalization: With the NFC smart display, users can easily change their phone case to match their mood, style, or outfit.  

Protection: In addition to its smart display feature, this phone case also provides reliable protection for the device against scratches, drops, and impacts. The durable material and secure fit ensure that the phone is well protected at all times, and the inner soft lining hugs and protects your phone.

Stand Out From The Crowd: The Unique and modern display feature of the case enhances the overall look of your phone, adding a touch of sophistication and style. With an endless variety of images you can use and the additional A.I, Design tool App the sky is literally the limit.

Overall, this NFC Case with smart display offers a unique combination of functionality, personalization, and style. A practical and innovative accessory that enhances the user experience and helps to make the most of their smartphone.



Q: Does the case generate heat?
A: The case does not have a built in battery, so it does not generate heat.

Q: Does NFC drain the phone battery?
A: The case uses NFC for synchronization, which requires minimal power only during the transmission process and does not drain the phone battery otherwise.

Q: Why can't I synchronize new pictures to the Al phone case?
A: Please try closing and reopening the app.

Q: Why can't I read NFC tags?
A: Please ensure your phone supports NFC functionality, compatible with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and above.

Q: Do I need to reconnect NFC every time I open the app to transfer pictures?
A: No need to reconnect NFC. Simply enable NFC in settings for seamless transfer anytime.


Package Content:

1 x Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra With NFC E Ink A.I. Smart Display for Photos / Images.

1 x User Manual (with QR Code to download the app needed).

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