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HTC One M7 S-OFF Mail In Service (Permanent Root HTC Allow Custom Roms)

HTC One M7 S-OFF Mail In Service (Permanent Root HTC Allow Custom Roms)

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HTC One M7 S-OFF Mail In Service

NOTE: Service is only available to UK Residents
NOTE: Service will invalidate phone warranty

  • At FoneFunShop we can S-OFF your HTC One M7 for you and mail it you back.

  • This service will permanently ROOT your HTC One M7 and allow you to flash generic original debranded roms or custom roms, and use of third party applications that are available in the public domain.

  • You can also use this service to unlock and debrand your HTC One M7 too, see options when ordering.


Supported Models

We can S-OFF the following HTC Models below, we are always updating too so bookmark and return as new models will be added once supported.

  • S-OFF HTC One M7

  • ...More Models Here

What is S-OFF

  • S-OFF is a kind of jailbreak for HTC One M7 phones

  • S-OFF means that the NAND portion of the HTC One M7 is unlocked and can be written to.

  • The default setting for most HTC One M7  devices is S-ON, which means that neither can you access certain areas of the system nor can you guarantee a permanent root. Furthermore, signature check for firmware images is also ensured by the S-ON flag.

Why Would I S-OFF My HTC ?

  • HTC have installed a sort of security check whose level is determined by S-OFF/S-ON.

  • Essentially, this security level is a flag stored on the device

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