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ZTE Network Unlock Service (mail-in service)

ZTE Network Unlock Service (mail-in service)

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ZTE Network Unlock Service (mail-in service)


Send your ZTE Phone to us and we will direct network unlock it in-house so it can accept all possible networks and return it to you via DPD next day delivery

Very handy if remote unlock codes are not available for your ZTE phone.



This service is only available to UK Residents


Use this Mail-in Service to get your ZTE phone network unlocked to all networks by our in-house engineers.

Once unlocked, your phone will be able to use any possible network / sim card worldwide.

This is great if you are planning a trip, or selling your phone (unlocked phones are worth more and easier to sell).

Our engineers have access to all the latest ZTE unlocking boxs and dongles to enable them to unlock most ZTE phones on the market.

Very handy if remote unlock codes are not available for your ZTE phone.



Which ZTE phone models can we unlock in-house?

This Service supports the following ZTE Models:

ZTE 1, ZTE 115, ZTE 225, ZTE 227, ZTE 228, ZTE 533, ZTE A136, ZTE A21 PLUS, ZTE A301, ZTE A302, ZTE A302+, ZTE A306, ZTE A35, ZTE A36+, ZTE A39, ZTE A61, ZTE A62, ZTE Amigo, ZTE Android T-Mobile Vivacity, ZTE ANDROID X850, ZTE AQUA, ZTE Arizona, ZTE ATLAS, ZTE Avail 2 Prelude, ZTE Avid 4G, ZTE AVID PLUS, ZTE AVID TRIO, ZTE AXON 7 MINI, ZTE B2017G, ZTE B790 BOOST MOBILE, ZTE B795, ZTE B816 BOOST Indy, ZTE BEAT T-MOBILE, ZTE Blade, ZTE BLADE 2, ZTE Blade 3 Pro, ZTE BLADE A110, ZTE BLADE A3, ZTE BLADE A310, ZTE BLADE A410, ZTE Blade A452, ZTE BLADE A462, ZTE BLADE A475, ZTE BLADE A5, ZTE BLADE A506, ZTE BLADE A510, ZTE BLADE A512, ZTE BLADE A520, ZTE BLADE A522, ZTE BLADE A602, ZTE BLADE B112, ZTE BLADE C370, ZTE BLADE G, ZTE BLADE G LUX, ZTE BLADE G PRO, ZTE Blade G V880G, ZTE BLADE III, ZTE Blade L110, ZTE BLADE L111, ZTE BLADE L2, ZTE BLADE L3, ZTE BLADE L3 Lite, ZTE BLADE L5, ZTE Blade Q, ZTE Blade Q Maxi, ZTE Blade Q Mini, ZTE BLADE SPARK, ZTE BLADE Super, ZTE BLADE T220, ZTE BLADE X MAX, ZTE BLADE Z MAX, ZTE BLUEBELT, ZTE BLUEBELT2, ZTE Boygues Telecom BS351, ZTE C100, ZTE C279, ZTE Carl, ZTE Claro M4 SS990, ZTE Concord, ZTE CONCORD 2, ZTE Conexis A1, ZTE CORAL 160, ZTE Cymbal, ZTE Dublin, ZTE E110 ZEST, ZTE E600, ZTE E821, ZTE E821S, ZTE E850, ZTE EQ8, ZTE Etisalat 211FM, ZTE F100, ZTE F101, ZTE F102, ZTE F103, ZTE F107, ZTE F116 H3G ITALY, ZTE F152, ZTE F156, ZTE F160, ZTE F160 ORANGE ATLANTA, ZTE F165, ZTE F188 BMC PHILLIPPINES, ZTE F188 PERU, ZTE F230, ZTE F232, ZTE F233, ZTE F256, ZTE F286, ZTE F320, ZTE F327, ZTE F328, ZTE F555, ZTE F600, ZTE F866, ZTE F880, ZTE F882, ZTE F912, ZTE F930, ZTE F950, ZTE F951, ZTE F951 Orange Oslo, ZTE F952, ZTE FanFare 2, ZTE FanFare 3, ZTE FIT 4G, ZTE FNB CONEXIS X1, ZTE FW46, ZTE G R239, ZTE G R28, ZTE G S236, ZTE G S506, ZTE G-N281, ZTE G1153, ZTE G2x T-Mobile USA, ZTE Grand Memo Lite, ZTE Grand X 3, ZTE Grand X 4, ZTE Grand X Quad V987, ZTE Grand X View 2, ZTE GX760, ZTE GX761, ZTE HL2101, ZTE HOLYWOOD ORANGE, ZTE ICE, ZTE INFOCUS, ZTE K81, ZTE KIS, ZTE KIS 2 Max, ZTE KIS 3, ZTE KIS 3 Max, ZTE KIS III MAX, ZTE Kis Lite, ZTE Kis Plus, ZTE Kis Pro, ZTE Kis Pro Orange Zali, ZTE LIBRA, ZTE Light, ZTE Light 2, ZTE Light Tablet 2, ZTE LINK, ZTE M6201, ZTE MALATA N402, ZTE Maven, ZTE MAVEN 2, ZTE MAVEN 3, ZTE MAX XL, ZTE MD TOUCH MINI, ZTE MD-2, ZTE MEGAFON CP09, ZTE MEGAFON SENSEIT C1, ZTE Meo A75, ZTE METFONE MF316Z, ZTE MF 100, ZTE MF 190 MODEM FROM POLAND PLUSFON, ZTE MF 330, ZTE MF 332, ZTE MF 335, ZTE MF 620, ZTE MF 622, ZTE MF 626, ZTE MF 627, ZTE MF 628, ZTE MF 630, ZTE MF 633, ZTE MF 635, ZTE MF 636, ZTE MF 637, ZTE MF100, ZTE MF616, ZTE MI FONE, ZTE Mimosa, ZTE MOCHE SMART A16, ZTE MOMODESIGN, ZTE Movistar Prime, ZTE MOVITEL M8402, ZTE MTN C260, ZTE MTN C280, ZTE MTN FANCY, ZTE MTN SMART S720, ZTE N61, ZTE N721, ZTE N9518, ZTE N9519, ZTE N9560, ZTE Netphone 701, ZTE NGM ORION, ZTE NOS NOVU, ZTE Onda, ZTE Open C, ZTE OPEN | Firefox OS, ZTE ORANGE ATLANTA, ZTE ORANGE BOSTON, ZTE ORANGE DIVE 71, ZTE ORANGE HOLYWOOD, ZTE ORANGE MIAMI, ZTE Orange Reyo, ZTE ORANGE SAN FRANCISCO, ZTE ORANGE TACTILE MESSAGING, ZTE ORANGE UK RIO II, ZTE ORANGE VEGAS, ZTE Orinoquia U5120, ZTE Overture 3, ZTE P729, ZTE P735t, ZTE P752, ZTE P772, ZTE R100, ZTE R101, ZTE R221, ZTE R225, ZTE R231, ZTE R255, ZTE R259, ZTE R286, ZTE R3100, ZTE RACER, ZTE Racer 2, ZTE Red Bull RBM1, ZTE Roamer, ZTE RTK D1, ZTE S160, ZTE S302, ZTE S305, ZTE S308, ZTE S309, ZTE S310, ZTE S312, ZTE S315, ZTE S317, ZTE S318, ZTE S319, ZTE S50 Skinny, ZTE S500, ZTE S501, ZTE S502, ZTE S505, ZTE S508, ZTE S510, ZTE S511, ZTE S516, ZTE S518, ZTE S518D, ZTE S518M, ZTE S519, ZTE S519D, ZTE S521, ZTE S522, ZTE S551, ZTE SAGE, ZTE SAN FRANCISCO 2, ZTE SCORE, ZTE SENWA S-715, ZTE SFR 114, ZTE SFR 115, ZTE SFR 231, ZTE SFR 232, ZTE SFR 241, ZTE SFR 341, ZTE SFR 342, ZTE SFR 343, ZTE SFR 552, ZTE SFR G-N290, ZTE SFR STARXTREM, ZTE SILVERBELT, ZTE Skate Aqua, ZTE Skate Pro, ZTE Smart Tab 10, ZTE SmartTab 7, ZTE Softbank 009z, ZTE Softstone, ZTE Sonata 3, ZTE Sonata 4G, ZTE STARNAUTE, ZTE STARTEXT, ZTE STARTEXT 2, ZTE SUNNY S52D, ZTE SUPRA PLANSHET, ZTE T-MOBILE BEAT, ZTE T-MOBILE E200 VIBE, ZTE T-MOBILE VAIRY TOUCH, ZTE T100, ZTE T106, ZTE T108, ZTE T116, ZTE T116a, ZTE T12, ZTE T2, ZTE T20, ZTE T202, ZTE T203, ZTE T28, ZTE T3020, ZTE T303 TELSTRA, ZTE T403, ZTE T50, ZTE T6, ZTE T60, ZTE T729v, ZTE T760, ZTE T809, ZTE T81, ZTE T815, ZTE T930, ZTE T95, ZTE T96, ZTE Tara 3G, ZTE TELCOM F6, ZTE TELENOR, ZTE Telenor Touch Plus, ZTE TELSTRA CRUISE, ZTE TELSTRA FRONTIER 4G, ZTE TELSTRA T790, ZTE TIGO S300, ZTE TOUCH PLUS, ZTE TPHONE T3O, ZTE Trek 2 HD, ZTE Tureis, ZTE TURKCELL MAXI PLUS 5, ZTE Turksell T1, ZTE U-V852, ZTE UNITE F1310, ZTE V100, ZTE V11a, ZTE V170, ZTE V71a, ZTE V760, ZTE V765M, ZTE V766, ZTE V788D, ZTE V790, ZTE V793, ZTE V795, ZTE V807, ZTE V811, ZTE V8110, ZTE V815W, ZTE V816W, ZTE V830W, ZTE V8403, ZTE V856, ZTE V857, ZTE V875, ZTE V889M, ZTE V9, ZTE V9 Light, ZTE V9 Pro, ZTE V9 TABLET, ZTE V9+, ZTE V945, ZTE V970, ZTE V9a, ZTE VODAFONE 1230, ZTE VODAFONE 1231, ZTE VODAFONE 547, ZTE VODAFONE INDIE, ZTE Vtelca F310, ZTE VTELCA V769M, ZTE Vtelca V791 | Caribe 3, ZTE Warp, ZTE Warp 4G, ZTE Warp 7 LTE, ZTE Warp Elite, ZTE Warp Sequent, ZTE WF720, ZTE WP650, ZTE WP750, ZTE X670 LISON, ZTE X760, ZTE X761, ZTE X850, ZTE X876, ZTE X930, ZTE X960, ZTE X991, ZTE Z100, ZTE Z222, ZTE Z223, ZTE Z320, ZTE Z331, ZTE Z431, ZTE Z432, ZTE Z433 ALTAIR, ZTE Z730, ZTE Z740, ZTE Z740G, ZTE Z812, ZTE Z815, ZTE Z820, ZTE Z828, ZTE Z831, ZTE Z832, ZTE Z833, ZTE Z835, ZTE Z836, ZTE Z851M, ZTE Z852, ZTE Z956, ZTE Z958, ZTE Z959, ZTE Z971, ZTE Z981, ZTE Z982, ZTE Z983, ZTE Z990, ZTE Z992, ZTE Z998, ZTE Zail, ZTE Zero, ZTE ZFive 2 LTE, ZTE ZMAX PRO, ZTE Zong A316G+, ZTE MONTE CARLO USA, ZTE SFR STARTRAIL FRANCE, ZTE SKATE PORTUGAL, ZTE STARADDICT FRANCE, ZTE SWITCH X1, ZTE V9C RELIANCE INDIA, ZTE Z221 AT&T USA, ZTE ZIP, ZTE ZTE-U N720, ZTE ZXON A1R


How it works.

The cost to unlock your ZTE phone is on this listing.
Please Note: there will be an extra small delivery charge to send it back to you.
Be sure to select DPD Courier or Royal Mail Special Delivery method when you checkout, as this method guarantees next working day return delivery of your phone once repaired and is insured too.

Once purchased, prepare your phone by removing any sim cards or memory cards and turn the phone off.

Wrap your phone in bubble wrap or similar and place it in a jiffy bag along with your payment receipt and send it to us at the following address:

FoneFunShop Ltd.
132 Handsworth Road
S9 4AE
United Kingdom

Once received we will drop you an email to let you know it has arrived safely, along with a login to our unique Mail in Service Progress Checker, where you can keep an eye on your job, and receive live updates as the work is done.

Once the unlock is completed , we will email you a full report, and your return tracking number too.


Warning: We do not UNBLOCK phones that have been reported lost or stolen. This is illegal, so please don't ask us !! If your phone is blacklisted it will still be blacklisted after it's been unlocked.  By using this service and sending your phone to us, you confirm you are the owner have the owners permission to use this service.


Unlock While-U-Wait Service
Our store is in Sheffield, maybe you would prefer to pop into the shop and get the job done. Most ZTE phones can be unlocked while-u-wait and cost is normally cheaper there are no postal costs. Our address and opening times are here


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