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Genie Universal Credits

Genie Universal Credits

Keys features for Genie-Universal Box:
Genie Universal World No.1 smallest BB5/BB5+ PA_SL1 and PA_SL2 unlocking updatable Standalone Clip!!! NOKIA 2865/2126/2125 CS Repair features. No Internet connection required , No PC required, Fully Portable Standalone Clip features, Fully auto unlock features. Rechargeable battery operated. Unlock in 10-20secs per phone. Easy to use!



Brief Description

Genie is small, but very powerful standalone service device targeting the mobile phone repair/unlock market. The design idea follows the line of the so called ‘clip’ devices that usually plug to the service connector of a phone and are able to send some type of unlock command. But because Genie is extremely powerful and versatile, it is breaking out from the clip description.

Genie has a color LCD, keypad, internal LiOn rechargeable battery, SD card slot, Smart card slot (full size), parallel port, 2 USB ports - Host and Device - enough hardware to provide very flexible and extendible platform for mobile phone servicing, unlocking, repairing and even flashing.

All the hardware variety is backed by powerful software support. Fully grown Real Time Operating System, strong driver support for variety of service protocols - fast UART flashing, custom protocols like Nokia Fbus and modified SPI flashing protocols, USB enumeration of wide range of mobile phones give Genie the power to be truly powerful and universal service device.

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