Meet The Team

Company Director

Mark is a company director at FoneFunShop, specialising in digital forensics and sourcing new and exciting stock. 

Fun fact: Mark is very accident prone. His many accidents include falling into ponds, falling over boxes, and dropping his dinner (all the time).




Company Director

Mick is a Company Director at FoneFunShop, specialising in unlocking databases, business relations and online management.

Fun Fact: Mick is a huge Liverpool Fan, and has an Anfield Forever Stone with his name on at the site of the Football ground.



Repair Manager and Training Provider

Mike is the store front manager, as well as our main training provider and soldering expert.

Fun Fact: Mike is obsessed with food and never stops talking about what's for lunch. 



Sales Manager

Alison is in charge of Accounts and Sales.

Fun Fact: Alison quit smoking by taking up knitting, and loves reading Crime Books. 



Post Room Manager

Jade is our Post Room Manager, and knows a thing or two about sending things all over the world. 

Fun Fact: Jade is a super mum, and loves French Food (frogs legs are her favourite!)





Repair Technician

Kayden is an Engineer at FoneFunShop, who has perfected the art of micro-soldering and IC repairs.

Fun Fact: Kayden is a huge gamer. 



Repair Technician

Brad is an Engineer at FoneFunShop, as well as training instructor and IC repair specialist. 

Fun Fact: Brad is the only Sheffield Wednesday Fan in our business (the rest are blades). 




Post Room Operative 

Kimmie is the go to girl with any shipping enquiries as she handles most day to day shipments of your orders from FoneFunShop, Kimmie also handles customer support and service too.

Fun Fact: Kimmie has bread with everything and is scared of peas. 



Repair Technician

Archie is an Engineer at FoneFunShop, and is trained in LCD repairs and customer service.

Fun Fact: Archie is a football fan and goes to football every week. 



Repair Technician

Calum is an Engineer at FoneFunShop, and is trained in LCD repairs and customer service.

Fun Fact: Calum is car crazy, and is always going on about B.H.P and miles to gallon