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Disklabs Faraday Bags

Disklabs Faraday Bags

About Disklabs

Disklabs Ltd is a digital technology company, delivering primary and specialist data managed services into law enforcement; government agencies; public sector organisations, corporates, regulatory financial bodies and the private sector. Disklabs experience in the field of digital forensics has helped us develop a range of faraday bags that gives our clients peace of mind that their devices are safe and secure. We’ve been producing Faraday Bags since the early days of mobile technology.


About Disklabs Faraday Bags

Shield your devices from unwanted attention. All our Faraday Bags are Independently tested and made in the United Kingdom to the highest ISO9001 standards.  All foldable Disklabs Faraday Bags have been awarded the "Secured by Design" Award.


Who uses Faraday Bags?



i. Police Units– To securely store evidential digital devices seized during the execution of search warrants

ii. Police High Tech Crime Units / Digital Investigation Departments / Forensic laboratories- To prevent access to evidential data held on devices awaiting investigation in Secure Exhibit Stores

iii. Police High Tech Crime Units / Digital Investigation Departments/ Forensic laboratories - To prevent remote wiping of data on digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets during forensic analysis.

iv. Police High Tech Crime Units / Digital Investigation Departments/ Forensic laboratories – restricting access to networks during encryption cracking process


Intelligence Agencies

i. To prevent officers being digitally tracked or followed.

ii. To protect ‘assets’ from being monitored at sensitive meetings

iii. To prevent the mobile phone from being used as a remote bugging device

iv. To prevent remote access or tracking of evidence/intelligence.

v. To prevent remote wiping of devices

vi. To isolated devices during radio frequency scanning


Military/Counter Terrorism 

I. To prevent remote detonation of IED’s.

II. To ensure personnel are not digitally tracked on base or during exercise..

III. To ensure that critical data is secured and can’t be remotely accessed..

IV. To isolate devices during transit


Personal Security

To prevent access to digital devices during travel

To prevent corporate espionage during meeting and site visits

To prevent identity thief from passports and security cards

To prevent vehicle thief from relay attack by isolating car keys

To protect banking and credit cards



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Items: 120 of 37, per page