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Firewire Faraday Bags

Firewire Faraday Bags

Firewire Faraday Bags

State-of-the-art solutions for shielding technology from external interference. Faraday Bags for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, military and computer forensics investigators to enable them to secure seizure, transportation and examination of portable digital devices.

Buy FWR Faraday Bags (Faraday cage) for mobile devices (cell phones, tablets and laptops), these devices are shielded against electromagnetic radiation - communication and data manipulation are thereby prevented.

Thanks to their unique construction which consists of 2x4 layers of conductive mesh and an outer nylon protection, our FWR Faraday Bags offer unmatched attenuation and extra durability for every day use.

The units can neither receive data nor send and serve beyond their own protection against electromagnetic radiation.

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