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Our Story

Our Story:

Founded in 1986, by two friends with a vision of making technology simple and accessible, FoneFunShop started on the precipice of a new digital age. We began by selling cables, ringtones, and unlocking codes. But as technology advanced, so did we.




We first opened our store in 2004, becoming FoneFunShop Limited.  From this early position, we were able to recognise an opportunity in the mobile phone industry, offering repairs and solutions. We felt that people not just in our city of Sheffield but globally, needed an honest, reliable centre that could be trusted to solve their problems, and offer unique services that could not be found elsewhere.




Since then, we have become a business with global customers. Not only limiting ourselves to tech related products, we sell on trend and unique items too. We have a presence on international marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, strong business to business links, all the while retaining our roots in assisting the community and public as a physical store.



Our Experience:

Trading for over 20 years is something we are very proud of. No one could have predicted the changes in the mobile phone market, yet we have constantly kept up to date and proactive with the new advancements. Some significant milestones have been made along the way.

  • In store: Our store in Sheffield has a lot of customers daily, with numbers rising. We offer same day phone/tablet repairs for all models, unlocking options, data wiping and data recovery. As well as selling accessories, phone parts and other miscellaneous items.

  • Online: Our website has seen an influx of customers as we work constantly to offer items not found elsewhere. We have orders from all over the world, with the means to fulfil orders so customers can receive them next day, depending on their location. We sell mobile phone parts, accessories, unlocking boxes and dongles, activations and credits, and much more. We have recently branched out into products like Faraday bags, hoverkarts and other on trend items. 

  • Amazon: We currently are on the majority of international marketplaces on Amazon like the Americas, Europe and Japan, yet there is still scope to join the others. We frequently use Amazon’s Fulfilment Centres for our products, however Amazon invited us to its Seller Fulfilled Prime programme – which means items shipped from our store still have the very rewarding Prime Badge.

  • eBay: Similarly, on eBay as we are recognised as a “Trusted Seller”, and can therefore offer eBay Premium Service, putting us in a strong position against competitors.

  • Disklabs: Currently, we are the only official reseller of Disklabs Faraday Bags, which is a chain of Faraday products that protect devices from hacking or malicious transmissions. These products are very popular, and are certified by the police.

  • Clientele: As well as members of the public, we supply products and carry out repairs for business and institutions. For example, we have and continue to work with Police Forces in the UK and around the world, as well as the Ministry of Defence.

  • Samsung: This year we became an official Samsung Partner, enabling us to become a Drop-off Centre for Samsung phones.

  • Training: Due to the experience we have acquired over the years, we have begun offering training courses for those wanting to gain knowledge in repairing phones, micro-soldering, and just generally getting to grips with the inner workings of devices. These are a great success with police forces and aspiring technicians.


We strive to go that little bit further for our customers, and our message is quite simple. We may focus on phones and technology, but it’s humans that are at the heart of what we do.