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1 Day Training Course For Micro Soldering

1 Day Training Course For Micro Soldering

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What People Are Saying About Our Training Courses

"10/10 anyone in digital forensics should attend." - Danni

"Found new methods that are much better." - Alex

"Exceeded my expectations." - Richard

"Very friendly and welcoming. Tailored service." - David

"Definitely recommend to others. Can't fault anything." - Karl


1 Day Training Course For Micro Soldering

In this 1 day training course, We specialise in teaching you how to micro solder, surface mounted components found on iPhones, iPads, Samsungs.

The course is a one-2-one placement, so you will have the undivided attention of one of our engineers for the day.

You will Learn about:


  • Removing / Replacing Charging Ports
    • In this 3 stage process you will learn how to remove, prepare and replace charging ports
  • Removing / Replacing Surface Mounted Components
    • In this 4 stage process you will learn how to pre heat, remove the damaged components, prepare the logic board and reseat the new components 
  • Temperature Controls
    • We will teach you the correct temperatures for different sernarios
  • How to use a soldering Iron
    • With our technicians using a soldering iron on a daily basis we have found the correct methods to ensure you hold your soldering iron in a certain way to get the best heat control to the specific area on the board you wish to solder
  • How to use a Hot Air Rework Gun 
    • With our technicians using a hot air gun on a daily basis we have made a 4 stage guide to help you know the correct methods perpare the logic board, setup the correct tempature for the specific board your working on, remove the old port and clean up the area, then fit a new charging port
  • Testing repaired unit
    • Get quick tips and advise on how to test phones with special test menu's
  • Learning New Techniques
    • Our engineers will teach you an array of new techniques to help your repair go smoothly with less chance of damaging a logic board
  • Charging Port Track Repairs
    • Learn how to identify damaged tracks and follow tracks back to another point
    • Gain knowledge on the best solutions to track back from a damaged point
    • Learn techniques to help your tracked wires not short on any other components


The course is held in-house with our engineers.





Morning Course: 9.30am until 12.30pm

Lunch: 12.30pm to 1pm

Afternoon Course: 1pm until 3pm

Lunch and Refreshments are provided.


 You will receive a certificate on completion of the course

Booking A Course
Normally we require at least 3 weeks notice to book your course time slot

The course is held at the following address (see map below):

FoneFunShop Ltd.
132 Handsworth Road
S9 4AE

Once you complete your purchase, we will contact you to book a slot that is convenient.

If you require more info. please call us on 01142437800.

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