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Alcatel Unlock Code

Alcatel Unlock Code

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Alcatel Unlock Code

Use this online service to get your network unlock code for your Alcatel phone.  Once unlocked you can use any desired sim card.  The code is emailed to you within 10 min to 8 hours.

We need the IMEI NUMBER and PROVIDOR ID to generate your unlock code.

Both of these numbers can be found on the label where your battery would sit (like the image below), or on the box it came from.

Enter this info in the box's when ordering, complete ypour purchase and your unlock codes will be emailed to you.


Unlock your Alcatel Phone in just a matter of few minutes, now you can unlock your Alcatel online with a quick and easy process, simply purchase unlock code for your Alcatel phone, and we will help you with complete guidence and support to tell how to unlock Alcatel with step by step instructions. In return of that you will get the benefits like freedom to choose any gsm network, no more roaming charges, no expensive plans and no long term contracts.

Our Alcatel unlocking service is safe and secure to use and 100% guaranteed to work. We can unlock almost all Alcatel models including Alcatel One Touch Fierce, Evolve and many more. Also we can unlock your Alcatel from almost any GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, Verizon, Sprint, Vodafone, Three, Orange, O2, Virgin etc.

Please Read: Make sure your Alcatel device is not hardlocked which occurs when someone inputs the wrong code too many times. make sure there is enough attempts are left to enter the code, we provide codes from Alcatel manufacturer database. In case you suspect that your Alcatel phone is ever Blacklisted/Barred (Reported as lost or stolen) and not sure about the phone€š¬€ž¢s history, please use our IMEI Blacklist Check, There is absolutely no refunds if there have been too many previous attempts are made to use any free / non-verified unlock tools or upgraded your phone with a non stockfirmware.

Please Note: A foreign sim card ( a sim card from a network service provider other than the locked network of your phone) may be required in order to enter the unlock Code into your device.

Why unlock your Alcatel Phone with FoneFunShop

1. Easily switch between different SIM cards with the same phone.

2. The resell value of your Alcatel phone will increases as it is available to more carriers.

3. While travelling abroad, use a local SIM card and save on roaming fees.

4. Unlock your Alcatel from the comfort of your own home.

5. No need to run any complicated software, or jailbreaking required.

6. There is no risk of damaging your Alcatel by unlocking it.

7. No technical skills or experience is needed for unlocking.

8. Your Alcatel phone will be permanently unlocked, even after firmware updates.

9. 100% guaranteed to unlock without void your warranty.


Supported Models Include:

Generic MTK Alcatel (NON Android)

OT-90, OT-103, OT-104, OT-105, OT-106, OT-107
OT-108, OT-109, OT-112, OT-113, OT-140, OT-150
OT-203, OT-203A, OT-203E, OT-204, OT-205, OT-206
OT-208, OT-209, OT-222, OT-223, OT-250, OT-252
OT-213, TCL-T208, TCL-T218, OT-S122, OT-356, OT-282, OT-T66
WX-160, WX-161, WX-180, WX-181
OT-117, OT-132, OT-217, OT-2117, OT-228, OT-232
OT-233, OT-288, OT-262, OT-292, OT-296, OT-297
OT-268, OT-F101, OT-632G, OT-632D, OT-217D, OT-228D
OT-510A, OT-870A, OT-871A, OT-3074A, OT-3075A, OT-3075X, OT-3075M
OT-2035X, OT-1052G, OT-1052D, OT-2008G
OT-875, OT-768T, OT-875T, OT-655, OT-655W, OT-902
OT-1009A, OT-1009X, OT-1010A, OT-1010X
OT-1010D, OT-1011X, OT-1011D, OT-1012X
OT-1012D, OT-1012G, OT-1030X, OT-1030A, OT-1030D
OT-1035A, OT-1035X, OT-1035D, OT-1040X, OT-1040D
OT-1041X, OT-1041A, OT-1041D, OT-1042X, OT-1042D, OT-1045D, OT-1045G
OT-1046G, OT-1046D, OT-2004G, OT-F210, OT-2004C
OT-2007X, OT-2007D, OT-2012G, OT-2012D
OT-2000X, OT-2001A, OT-2001X, OT-2005X, OT-2005D
OT-2010X, OT-2010G, OT-2010D
OT-3000D, OT-3000H, OT-3000G, OT-3001G
OT-3002G, OT-3003G, OT-3002G by SFR, OT-3020G, OT-3020D, OT-3035A
OT-3040G, OT-3040D, OT-3041D, OT-3042, OT-J100, OT-I210, ORANGE DABI, OT-3142
OT-1013X, OT-1013D, VODAFONE655, OT-V575, VODAFONE575
OT-214, OT-214W, OT-255, OT-255A, OT-216
OT-300, OT-305, OT-315, OT-315M, OT-505
OT-508, OT-565, OT-S319, VODAFONE350
WX-260, WX-260C, WX-265, WX-290, WX-295
OT317D, OT318D, OT358D
OT-303, OT-312, OT-360, OT-363, OT-380, OT-383
ot304, OT-319, OT-304, OT-306, OT-308, OT-310, OT-311, OT-322
OT-352, OT-358, OT-361, OT-362
OT-505K, OT-565K, OT505, OT-355, OT-355D, OT-390, OT505
OT-600, CRYSTAL, E101FLIP, OT-660, VM-621I
OT-708, OT-706, OT-543, OT-540, OT-455
OT-280, B331, F331, VODAFONE331, VODAFONE331FM
OT-799, VM-800, OT-800, OT-802
OT-802Y, OT-806, OT-806D, OT-807
OT-813, OT-803, OT-799, TCL-I802, TCL-I806
TCL-I806D, TCL-I880 , TCL-Q3, TCL-I898
OT-555, OT-809, OT-813D, OT-819, OT-900, OT-901, OT-905
OT-907, OT-C819D, TCL-I905, TCL-I900
Q5, OT-813F, OT-818, OT-828, OT-810D
OT-C818, OT-808G, OT-888, OT-803D, OT-838, VODAFONE555
Virgin VM202, OT-385, OT-385J, OT-506, OT-507, OT-585, OT-602, OT-606
OT-608, OT-665, OT-710, Virgin VM665, T-Mobile Accord, Text Ed 152 by SFR
S by SFR 3440, OT-506D, OT-710K, OT-815, OT-815D


Alcatel Android MTK

OT-903, OT-903A, OT-918, OT-918A, OT-918N, OT-918S, OT-C918
OT-A919, OT-C919, OT-MOV2, OT-W939, OT-M960, OT-V861, OT-991
OT-985, OT-985A, OT-985X, OT-C985, OT-913, OT-913A, OT-913X
OT-913N, OT-916, OT-922, OT-928, OT-A996
OT-W969, OT-A986, OT-A980, OT-J610
OT-903D, OT-918D, OT-991D, OT-913D, OT-916D
OT-992, OT-4010A, OT-4005, OT-4005A, OT-4005X
OT-4005D, OT-4007, OT-4007D, OT-4007A
OT-4007X, OT-4010X, OT-4010D, OT-4010E
OT-4110E, T€š¬€ž¢POP, PIXI, OT-4030, OT-4030A, OT-4030E, OT-4030X, OT-4030D, OT-5020
OT-5020D, OT-5020E, OT-5021, OT-5120, OT-V875
OT-V875X, OT-V975, OT-997, OT-997D
OT-970, OT-970H, OT-972, S€š¬€ž¢POP, M`POP
OT-4011X, Glory 2S Pro, Soleil, OT-972X, OT-5120A
OT-4034E, OT-4041X, VFD-300, OT-5010X, OT-5022E, OT-5022X, OT-5022D
OT-V300, OT-9003X, OT-9003A, OT-9010X, OT-9010X, OT-VF1296, OT-VF1100
VFD-500, OT-4023A, OT-4023B, OT-4022X, OT-4022D
OT-5017O, OT-5017A, OT-5017D, OT-5017X, OT-V795
OT-J720, OT-J726, OT-J920, OT-7040A, OT-7040D
OT-7040E, OT-7040F, OT-7041, OT-7041X, OT-7041D
OT-7042A, OT-7042D, OT-7047A, OT-7047D, OT-7047E, OT-P310
OT-P312X, OT-P312A, OT-P310A, OT-P320, OT-P321
OT-P322X, OT-P323X, OT-P323A, OT-6037D, OT-6037Y
OT-6037K, TO-7040T, OT-J926, OT-I215X, OT-I216A
OT-I216X, Vodafone SmartTab 3g
OT-9005X, OT-9002X, OT-9002D, OT-9002E, OT-9002A
OT-4035X, OT-4035A, OT-4035D, OT-4035Y
OT-4136E, OT-4037X, OT-4037A, OT-4036E
OT-V985N, OT-7045A, OT-7045Y, Vodafone 985, OT-5138E
OT-S500, OT-S600, OT-S710, OT-S800, OT-S810, OT-S820
OT-S850, OT-S950, OT-6012, OT-6012A, OT-6012X, OT-6012D, OT-6012E
OT-4015X, OT-4015A, OT-4015D
OT-4033, OT-4033A, OT-4033D, OT-4033E, OT-4033X
OT-V785, OT-V785X, OT-5036, OT-5036D, OT-5037
OT-4018A, OT-4018D, OT-4018X, OT-4018E, OT-4018M, OT-5038A
OT-4032X, OT-4032A, OT-4032D, OT-J320, OT-4118A
OT-V695, OT-4016X, OT-4016A, OT-4016D
Vodafone 685, Vodafone 785, Vodafone Smart First 6, Vodafone 695
Vodafone Smart 4 mini, Vodafone Smart Fun
OT-4037T, OT-4037N, OT-4037R, OT-4015T, OT-4015N
OT-4013E, OT-4013M, OT-4013J, OT-4013K, OT-4013D
OT-4013X, OT-4027A, OT-4028J, OT-4028E, OT-4028A
OT-4027X, OT-4027N, OT-4027D, OT-4009K, OT-4009M
OT-4009S, OT-4009F, OT-4009A, OT-4009E, OT-4009X
OT-4009D, OT-4003A, OT-4003J, OT-4014A
OT-4017A, OT-4017D, OT-4017F, OT-4017X
OT-4034A, OT-4034D, OT-4034E, OT-4034F, OT-4034G
OT-4034M, OT-4034N, OT-4034X, OT-V300, OT-5010D
OT-5010E, OT-5010G, OT-5010S, OT-5010U, OT-5010X
OT-5045A, OT-5045D, OT-5045G, OT-5045J, OT-5045T
OT-5045X, OT-5045Y, OT-V500
OT-7024W, OT-7024N, OT-7024R, OT-7024T, OT-5020T, OT-5020N
OT-6010X, OT-6110, OT-6010D, OT-6030, OT-6030A
OT-6030X, OT-6030D, OT-6033, OT-975, OT-5035, OT-5035X
Star, Idol Ultra, X€š¬€ž¢Pop
OT-6040A, OT-6040D, OT-6040X, OT-7025
OT-8020, OT-8008X, OT-8008D, OT-Y900

Alcatel Android Qualcomm

€š¬˜OT-908, OT-908A, OT-908F, OT-908S, OT-909A, OT-910, OT-910A, OT-968, OT-980
OT-980A, OT-981, OT-990, OT-990S, OT-993, OT-996, OT-4301, OT-A909, OT-A988
OT-A990, OT-A998, OT-C990, OT-C995, OT-MS4B, OT-Y710, OT-C908, OT-MOVE, OT-V958
OT-995, OT-A10, OT-4012A, OT-4012X€š¬€ž¢
OT-6014X, OT-6016, OT-6016A, OT-6016X, OT-6016D, OT-6016E
One Touch IDOL 2 MINI, OT-978, Diablo HD Lite
OT-7040T, OT-7040N, OT-I806
One Touch IDOL 2 MINI L, OT-6036Y
One Touch IDOL 2 Mini S, OT-6037Y
One Touch IDOL 2, Vodafone Smart Tab 4g
OT-5050X, OT-5050Y, OT-5050S, One Touch POP S3
OT-6035R, OT-978X, OT-6034R, OT-6034Y, OT-6034M
OT-6050Y, OT-6050A, OT-7050Y, OT-J736, OT-J738M
OT-J730U, OT-J736L, OT-J929L, OT-M812C, OT-M812F
OT-P330X, OT-P350X, OT-P353X, OT-P360X, OT-P688
OT-7043Y, OT-7043A, OT-7043K, OT-7055A, OT-7055W, OT-9020A
OT-P688L, OT-5042X, OT-5042A, OT-5042W, Vodafone Smart prime 6
Alcatel One Touch POP 2, Orange Nura, Orange Roya, OT-V895N, Smart Prime 6, Nos Roya
Smart Prime Tab 6, OT-6039Y, OT-6045Y, OT-6045I, OT-6045K, OT-6045B, ot-7045Y, Alcatel One Touch POP 7



X020, X030, X060, X060S, X070S, X080S, X090S, X100X, X150X, X200X X200S, X210X, X210S

X215S, X220X, S220L, X225L, X225S, X228L X230X, Y280X, X300X, X310X, X500X, X520X

Y800Z, Y580D, L100 L800, Y800, Y800Z, Y855, M800V, W800Z, X602, X602D

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