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AllSocket Reader Writer For BGA169 BGA153

AllSocket Reader Writer For BGA169 BGA153

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Perfect standalone tool for forensic physical dump of BGA169 BGA153 chips for data recovery.

Works with eMMC by Samsung, Sandisk, Toshiba, Hynix and Intel.

Compatible only with BGA 169 - BGA 153 Chips

Easy operation by inserting USB 3 to your PC directly.


DS3000-USB3.0-emmc153+emmc169, eMMC169 eMMC153 reader, Data Reader
If you want to save or recover personal data(contacts, messages, SMS, photos, picture, videos, app data, etc) from a broken/damaged/dead/cracked android smartphone.
If you want to program eMMC.
If you want to clone eMMC.
If you want to test eMMC.
It helps you! Just like a U disk!

It is designed for test, debug, validation, data recovery and programming of eMMC chips .
We provide a simple software which can check the capacity, read, write and verify.
Support - If you don't know if it support your android phone, please tell us its type.
1) Support package: BGA/eMMC169 BGA/eMMC153
2) Support : thickness= 0.8~1.5mm, pin pitch= 0.5mm
3) All smartphone which use BGA/eMMC169 BGA/eMMC153
4) Support all brand eMMC , such as Samsung, Hynix, Sandisk, Toshiba, Intel, Kingston etc
5) Support hot plug, eMMC chip can be directly connected to PC with the USB reader
6) Identify, reading, accessing and writting data
7) Well designed to connect flat bottom, solder ball, even if no ball




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1 x AllSocket Reader Writer For BGA169 BGA153


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