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Amtech Flux Paste NC 559 ASM UVTPF 10CC Lead Free

Amtech Flux Paste NC 559 ASM UVTPF 10CC Lead Free

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The Solder Paste has transparent residue and excellent wetting ability on PCB. Paste is composed of environment-friendly flux and low oxidation spherical powder, which were characterized by long continuous repeatability printing time, high print definition,excellent solderability, and bright and smooth solder joint. Special formulation designs deliver excellent rheology and high viscosity retention ability even after extended open time. The wide reflow process window of 559 ASM-TPF flux is designed to minimize transition concerns from tin-lead to lead free solder paste. With near transparent and no corrosion residue, this paste/flux gurantees high surface insulation resistance and offers high in-circuit pin test.

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