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Battery Tester High Precision Multi Function Power USB

Battery Tester High Precision Multi Function Power USB

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High Precision Multi Function Power / USB / Battery Tester

For advanced engineers, this 8 in 1 multi voltage tester is fantastic for checking validity of usb ports, cables, smart phone batteries and more !!

Performance parameter

Name Range Resolution Minimum detection Maximum detection Error value Remarks
VCC Voltage 0.000V-24.000V 0.001V 0.000V 24.000V ±0.001V ACD 12bit conversion
Current 0.0000-6.0000A 0.0001A 0.0000A 6.0000A ±0.0002A ACD 18bit conversion
D+ Voltage 0.000V-3.300V 0.001V 0.000V 3.300V ±0.001V ACD 12bit conversion
D- Voltage 0.000V-3.300V 0.001V 0.000V 3.300V ±0.001V ACD 12bit conversion
Capacity 00000mAh-99999mAh 1mAh 0mAh 99999mAh ±1mAh In theory, the capacity of infinity is detected.
Electricity 00000mWh-99999mWh 1mWh 0mWh 99999mWh ±1mWh In theory, it can detect infinite power.
Power 0.00000-30.0000W 0.0001W 0W 30W ±0.0001W  
Impedance 0.00Ω-9999.99Ω 0.01Ω 9999.99Ω Â±0.01Ω  

8 in 1 Functions

USB2.0 Tester Monitor Computer USB Voltage\Current\work pattern
QC2.0 Tester Monitor QC2.0 charger State Inside QC2.0 protocol,Without Input Mobile, Test QC2.0 Charger State performance...
QC 3.0 Tester Monitor QC3.0 charger State Inside QC3.0 protocol,Without Input Mobile, Test QC3.0 Charger State performance...
USB Charger Tester Monitor USB Charger voltage\Current\Power;Read USB Charger Max OutPut Current...
Power Bank Tester Monitor Power Bank voltage\Current\Power;Accurate detection capacity by charging...
Battery capacity Tester By monitoring the phone charging, accurate calculation of the Bettery capacity
Power Supply Voltage Tester Monitor power supply Voltage; Improve its accuracy to 0.001V
Power Supply CurrentTester Monitor power supply Current;Improve its accuracy to 0.0001A(0.1mA)
Power Load Tester Monitoring load; Calculate the load impedance, power, etc....


Function introduction:

  1:Firmware Update: With Computer USB Port,Update The Driver Firmware & Software

  2:Current detection: Low internal resistance(0.012Ω)\High-precision(0.0001A)

  3:Voltage detection: Hight Impedance\Wide voltage(0-24V)

  4:Precision detection: Accurate calculation of battery capacity\power

  5:Load monitoring: Accurate calculation of load impedance, output power

  6:Quick Charge detection: Inside Support Quick Charge protocol; Support QC2.0\QC3.0 Monitoring, activation

  7:Dual power supply: Support Less 3.6V Voltage test, the measured voltage is as low as 0.001V

  8:Mass storage: Support Save More Than 16 Hour Current data

  9:Smart screen protection: Intelligent control screen lamp, energy saving

  10:Bilingual in Chinese and English: Inside You can switch English or Chinese


Menu Introduction:

  Operation tips: Hold Down The Key (Short Time), Show you current menu features, Continue to press the function key (Short Time), Go To Next Menu, And display its function, Waiting 3 second it will into that Function。

  1:Voltage, current, capacity

  2:Voltage, current and power

  3:USB1.1、USB2.0、USB Charge Tester

  4: QC2.0,OC3.0 Charge Test

  5: Current curve diagram

  6: Load impedance and load power test

  7: Language setting


Computer Software Operation

  1:Software Introduction

  2:Voltage and current waveform chart

  3:D+、D- Wave introduction

1:Firmware Update

  Master ARM 32 bit CPU, with USB2.0 interface of the high-end chip, to the user to set aside enough space, so that the software is more perfect, more functional, and through the computer s powerful data processing, storage capacity, so that the user experience more surprises. Can be through the ordinary mobile phone data line (Android data), the mobile phone firmware upgrade.

It makes only in high precision voltage & current detection under escort, high capacity, power, load resistance!

2:Current detection: low resistance, high precision

 Usually to detect small current, the simple way is to increase the current detection resistor, so that the small current in the big resistance on the larger pressure drop, so that the biggest drawback is that the line loss has been greatly improved, for the detection of large current, high accuracy is helpless! DZ-2405A uses heavyweight imports to solve this problem ADC!
DZ-2405A uses the most advanced imported 18 bit ADC (2^17) conversion, that is, 1/10000 13 (1/131071) accuracy. In the 0.012 detection resistor, after 8 times of amplification (amplifier error 0.05%), so that the current conversion accuracy reached 0.1mA resolution. Detection range of 0-5A.


3:Voltage test: high impedance and wide voltage

  Advanced ARM 32 bit CPU, 72M clock frequency, 12 bit ADC converter, in which the main voltage (Vbus) using dual channel complementary detection, so that the accuracy of the 0.001V in the case, the range reached 24V, meet the requirements of high accuracy, wide voltage range! D+, D- reached 0.001V accuracy!

4:Accurate detection: accurate calculation of battery capacity, power

  In the high precision 5 digit current meter, voltage meter, under the premise of guarantee, coupled with accurate real-time clock, through the calculation of charging time and current, voltage, time, accurate calculation of the phone or charging treasure capacity, power. Instrument mass storage, up to 16 hours of voltage, current information.

5:Load monitoring: accurate calculation of load impedance, output power

  We can through the real-time current and voltage, conveniently and accurately know the current load resistor, and the output power value.

6:Quick Charge Tester

  Built in Quick Charge protocol, you can activate the charger QC2.0, QC3.0, 9V, 20V, 12V,, and so on, accurately determine the fast charger supports several voltage! Not just monitoring!!!

7:Dual power supply: support less than 3.6V voltage test

  The instrument can provide a voltage through the input interface, and can be connected with the computer or the charger through the USB interface. Ordinary USB detector if the voltage is lower than the body of the instrument, it will make the test out of the numerical error, and even the instrument can not work! DZ2405A uses a dual power supply, and each other, you can test any voltage between 0-24V.

8:Mass storage

  Can store up to 16 hours of current data

9:Smart screen protection

  Instrument in 1 minute no key is pressed, the screen lights will automatically extinguished, if a button is pressed, or changes in current greater than 100mA screen lamp will automatically light up.

10:Bilingual in Chinese and English

  The interface of the instrument operation is simplified Chinese , English two language choice.

Menu 1: voltage, current, capacity

  Press a menu (short press), will prompt the current menu function, the menu, the display voltage, current, capacity, time information, if you want to detect the capacity of the phone battery, battery power will run out, long press function keys, clear all records, and then charge to the phone, when the phone is full, the phone capacity is tested. The capacity of the unit is (MA) mAh.

Menu 2: voltage, current, power

  Menu 1 and menu 2 basic same, but the capacity of the calculation, to change the power. The difference between capacity and power is as follows:

  Capacity: record current, time, unit mAh
  Power: record the relationship between current, voltage, time, unit mWh

Menu 3:USB1.1, USB2.0, charger test

  Instrument real-time monitoring, intelligent identification of various charger state, as well as the voltage current value, D- D+ voltage value.

Menu 4: OC3.0, QC2.0 test

  The instrument is built in high pass fast charger protocol, the high pass charger test, long press the function key 2 seconds, the instrument switch voltage mode! Test will activate the high pass 9V, 12V, 20V, etc., all do not connect the phone, you can connect the false load to test. The following figure is a test of a high pass charger, with 5V, 9V, 12V three kinds of voltage function, no 20V output function!

Menu 5: current curve

  Instrument records, up to 16 hours of current value, through the current curve, to view the relationship between current and time, so that we can be clear at a glance.
Tip: long press the function key for 3 seconds, remove the current curve!

Menu 6: load impedance, load power test

The instrument accurately calculates the current load impedance and its consumption of the power value.。


Menu 7: language settings

  The instrument, supported by the simplified Chinese and English , long press the function keys, set to the selected language.

1: master control platform:

  Real-time monitoring, voltage, current, D+, D-, power, impedance and other information, and real-time display of the waveform, we can easily analyze the mobile phone and other devices working state through the waveform! All of the automatic range, take a maximum value of the waveform, to calculate the range of the range, both to monitor the micro signal, and not over range. You can choose to convert mode 18bit, 16bit, 14bit, and the time to catch.

2:Voltage and current waveform chart

3:D+、D- Wave introduction

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