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Charging Data Sync Cable Stick Essential Travel Red Budi 9 in 1

Charging Data Sync Cable Stick Essential Travel Red Budi 9 in 1

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DESIGN - Revolutionary design that integrates all the essential and most frequently used cable connectors.

6 CABLES - With a near 11cm Type C Cable and 3 types of adapters, this multi-tool can substitute upto 6 different cable types.

ADAPTERS - As well as a Type C cable, there are 3 adapters included which are Type C to Micro USB, Type C to USB and Type C to iPhone.

PHONE STAND - Not only does this multi-tool allow storage of cables, adapters, sim card and memory cards but it can also double as a phone holder for long travels.

MEMORY CARD SLOTS - As well as 6 TF Card slots and 2 Sim card slots, this multi-tool also has a built in memory reader so you can transfer files on the go.




- 3 Commonly used adapters

- Can be used as a phone stand

- 6 TF Card Slots

- Built-in Memory Card Reader

- 2 Nano Sim Slots

- Colour: Red

- Small Design, Perfect For Portability


Included inside the 9 in 1 Multitool:

1 x Type C to Micro USB Adapter

1 x Type C to iPhone Adapter

1 x Type C to USB Adapter

1 x Type C to Type C Cable

1 x Sim Pin Ejector


Package Contents:

1 x Budi 9 in 1 Multifunctional Charging cable Stick Red

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