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EDL Deep Flash Cable Qualcomm 9008 2 in 1 For Z3x Octopus

EDL Deep Flash Cable Qualcomm 9008 2 in 1 For Z3x Octopus

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EDL Deep Flash Qualcomm 9008 2-in-1 Cable For Z3x / Octopus

The EDL 2 in 1 cable supports both USB Type C and MicroUSB connectivity.  

It is used on all Qualcomm phones to put phone into DEEP FLASH MODE, also known as Qualcomm 9008 Mode / Emergency Download Mode

For Working With Z3x Box / Octopus Box etc.

This cable help you to Flash, unlock, read pattern lock for all kind of Qualcomm phones including Samsung, Sony, LG etc.


What is deep flash / Qualcomm 9008 Mode ?

If a faulty handset can enter FASTBoot mode through the volume down key and the power button combinations  but  the driver can be recognized  normally.  

Then you need deep flash mode to enable you to connect to the phone and work with it.  This cable witll put the phone in the needed Qualcomm 9008 Deep Flash Mode.


How to use EDL Deep Flash Qualcomm 9008 2-in-1 Cable

1. Take out the battery of the faulty phone.

2. Connect phone to the computer with the EDL Cable.

3. Conduct the deep flash point as explained with your flasher box.

4. Manually guide windows to force / use the underlying driver of the chip to work.

5. Once driver is installed, your computer will assign the needed USB port to the phone, and you can begin working on the phone. 


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