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EMate X eMMC Chip Reader Writer BGA ICFriend Edition 13 in 1

EMate X eMMC Chip Reader Writer BGA ICFriend Edition 13 in 1

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EMMC adapters and cables support the communication process between devices and EMMC memories.

They enable direct or indirect connection of eMMC memory and execution of reading and writing. Adapters are used to program eMMC memory chips in phones without soldering - which definitely affects the recovery process.

Moorc E-Mate X 13in1 - ICFriend Edition is the latest version of a set of adapters allowing for direct eMMC memory connection and read and/or write it contest.

Adapter/Socket is fully compatible with many eMMC devices, such as Riff Box, Riff Box 2, Medusa Pro Box, Z3X Easy Jtag Box, Easy Z3x Plus, GPG EMMC Box, UFi Box, etc.

The new version in comparison to the 2017 edition allows in addition to previously supported pinouts also reading the latest eMMCs BGA254, BGA100, BGA136, BGA168.



- reading in 1, 4 and 8 bit mode

- tool-free installation of limiters by using magnets

- full support for 99% of eMMC devices including Riff Box, Riff Box2, Medusa PRO, UFI, Easy Z3x JTAG, Easy Z3x Plus, eMMC GPG, eMMC Booster, ATF Chrome / Gold

- ability to read through the SD reader using the SD-EMMC Plus adapter - Model SE-P1

- support for BGA eMMC screens: 100, 136, 153, 162, 168, 169, 186, 221, 254, 529

- supported chip sizes: 10x10, 10.5x11, 11.5x13, 12x12, 12x15, 10.5x13, 12x16, 14x18, 15x15





Package Contents:

1 x MoorC ICFRIEND 13in1 Main Module Socket Reader

9 x Size Spacers / Limiters

3 x Connection Adapters

1 x PCB for connecting ATF, Riff, Easy Z3x JTAG

1 x RJ45-Rj45 cable for connecting RIff / ATF


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