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Faraday Bag Signal Blocker Drone Shield Disklabs DS1

Faraday Bag Signal Blocker Drone Shield Disklabs DS1

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Disklabs Drone Shield Faraday Bag (DS1)

Built in the UK by Disklabs, this Faraday Bag Drone Shield is designed to protect from any unauthorised RF connectivity when transporting critical/sensitive data. 

Disklabs Faraday Bags Block All Wireless Signals including WiFi, 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, GPS, Bluetooth, Radio, NFC etc. 

This Disklabs Limited Faraday Bag has been awarded the Police Approved "Secured by Design" award.


Disklabs Faraday Bag Blocking 5G Signal Successfully


Disklabs Faraday Bag Blocking 5G Signal Successfully



Made in Britain 

Product Code: DS1

Eternal Width 81cm

External Height 91cm

External Height (Open) 127cm

Internal Width 30cm x 60cm

Internal Height 80cm

Window: No
Strap or Handle: Yes


Drones are being increasingly used to smuggle drugs over borders, deliver contraband into prisons, undertake illegal surveillance, carry explosive devices and a  present a serious  collision risk when flown in restrict airspace.


Organisation now have an arsenal of counter measure which include RF sensors, RF jamming, audio detection, lasers, launched projectiles and capture nets.


Once a drone has been recovered authorities are increasingly using digital forensics to interrogate the operating systems, GPS, video cards and sim cards contained in the operating system to obtain the critical information needed to establish the location and identity of the illegal drone operator. It is sometime possible to authorities to remove the modem and radios however the number and types of drones now available make this often impractical thereby making it necessary to enclose the whole device in an RF blocking environment to secure this important digital evidence.


In most scenarios the operator will be aware that the drone has been compromised giving them the opportunity to remotely wipe drives and memory before the device can be forensically examined. The Disklabs DS1 (RS4U) shield will block all wireless signals to the seized drone thereby ensuring that the authorities have the best chance of identifying the operator and obtaining other valuable intelligence.


Very often drones will be fitted with a separate covert tracking device enabling the illegal operators to potentially recover the device which may put enforcement officers at risk. The Disklabs DS1 (RS4U) will block these tracking devices.


For Military, Police and aviation enforcement authorities the  new Disklabs DS1 (RS4U) shield is an essential addition to the arsenal of drone countermeasures.


The standard DS1 (RS4U) shield incorporates two elements. An heavy duty inner anti abrasion liner  to protect the outer shielding bag material from abrasion and tearing. The large outer enclosure incorporates duplex layers of Disklabs metalised technical RF shielding material protected by a further military grade water resistant outer cover. The outer bag uses a triple roll aperture secured by velcro to ensure continuity of the faraday cage protection. The RS4U will block against all frequencies (typically 50 to 60dB attenuation) from 100MHz to 6 GHz.


The DS1 (RS4U) internal dimensions are 80cm x 50 cm x 20 cm and the shielding system  is supplied with two pairs of web lifting handles. The bag has been design to accommodate most €š¬˜copter type€š¬€ž¢ short range drones with a 2kg to 3kg lifting capability. Larger sizes of enclosure, increased shielding protection levels and bespoke configurations are available on request.



  • Prisons and Detention Centres.
  • Military Camps and Naval Dockyards
  • High security establishments
  • Military and Commercial Airports
  • Border Forces
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Close Protection Teams
  • Secure storage in unshielded facilities
  • Securing evidence during transit to forensic examination laboratories


Disklabs are Digital Forensic Specialists and as a result are acutely aware of the risks that organisations face in ensuring that they keep data secure and this has become even more important with the onset of new data protection legislation, Disklabs has spent over 20 years helping law enforcement, businesses and government agencies ensure they can secure digital evidence and personal data.









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