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Faraday Bag Signal Blocker For iPad Tablet Up To 10.2 Inch Lightweight

Faraday Bag Signal Blocker For iPad Tablet Up To 10.2 Inch Lightweight

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PIECE OF MIND - This faraday Bag is designed to block all signals from the device while inside the Faraday bag.  

COMPARTMENTS - This product also has a handy non-faraday shielded zip compartment, which is perfect for any cables you may use with the device you wish to put into the faraday bag. 

LIGHTWEIGHT - This PU Leather Faraday Bag is designed specifically for protecting any iPad or Tablet upto 10.2 inch and has a lightweight design, making sure not to add much weight or bulk to your device. 

HIGH QUALITY - This Faraday Bag Block All Wireless Signals including WiFi, 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, GPS, Bluetooth, Radio, NFC etc.  Designed to keep your device secure from outside interference.

SIZE - The Outer Dimensions are 22.5cm wide x 29cm high (folded height) - Internal dimension are 19cm wide by 25cm long


Our new tablet sized bag will shield your tablets from unauthorised remote access to protect all your valuable data. 

This UNBRANDED Faraday bag has no obvious branding, therefore giving it a more covert appearance.

Specifically designed to protect a €š¬˜standard€š¬€ž¢ Tablet upto 10.2 inch from unauthorised remote access.  



Dimensions: w: 22.5cm/ h: 29cm (folded height)

Interior Size: 29.5cm / 11.5" (Corner to Corner)



Faraday bags ensure that devices are secure from any external interceptions, and prevent:

Remote wiping of the date - losing critical data in a case or tribunal.

Tracking the device - potentially putting your officers in jeopardy.

Bugging - by remotely using the devices microphone and/or camera.

Allowing officers immediate access to data on a device in a secure manner.


Who uses Faraday Bags?

Military and Intelligent Agencies use Faraday bags to prevent unwanted applications being invoked remotely or data altered after devices are seized.

Law Enforcement organisations use Faraday bags to maintain a secure chain of custody from point of seizure to examination.

Forensic Investigators use Faraday bags during storage and transport of exhibits. (This ensures that the exhibit cannot be remotely wiped or accessed by anyone other than the examiner).

Corporate Clients use Faraday bags to safeguard their phones, laptops and tablets during sensitive meetings, in transit or in situations where their electronic devices might be vulnerable to interception.


Why Use Faraday Bags?

Stops the data on your tablet or device being remotely erased by the suspect or their allies.

Prevents any outside interference, as no wifi, bluetooth, GSM signals can penetrate the bag once your tablet is enclosed.

Halts any use of peer-to-peer software or hack attempts being made to steal your data.


Package Contents

1 x Lightweight Faraday Bag For Tablet Up To 10.2 Inch

(Note the tablet pictured in this listing is for demonstration (prop) use only and is not included in the sale. 

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