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Faraday Bag Signal Blocker Safe Car Keyless Entry Fob Signal Blocker Block 3X

Faraday Bag Signal Blocker Safe Car Keyless Entry Fob Signal Blocker Block 3X

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3 x Car Key Keyless Entry Fob Signal Blocker Faraday Bag

Your car keyless entry fob emits a short range signal that allows you to open your car without pressing any button on the fob.

Criminals have been using special signal amplifiers to amplify this signal and gaining entry to your car.  

You can prevent this type of crime happening to you by putting your car keyless fob into one of our special Keyless entry fob signal blocker faraday bags, this bag blocks the signal from leaving the bag and it cannot be amplified, and criminals cannot use this method to enter your car

This universal pocket-sized pouch accommodates fob designs for all manufacturers and models, including For Range Rover, Volkswagen, Toyota, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Maserati, Seat, Lotus, McLaren, Audi, Nissan, Honda, Ford, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Skoda, Bentley, Volvo and more.

Protect your vehicle against tech savvy car thieves with this signal-blocking key fob pouch.

This safety-focused bag features an outer soft PU leather finish, containing a metal lined inner pocket. This pocket creates a Faraday cage, stopping signals being sent or received by your keyless fob or any other device that can transmit data. Remove your key fob from the pouch and signal reception is restored immediately, enabling normal usage.

This case also has an outer small pocket that is not Faraday lined, handy for storing your house key or loose change for the parking meter

The Technology - how it works

This Faraday Bag creates a faraday cage around anything that is sealed inside the bag.

This cage will block all types of signals including Radio / Bluetooth / WiFi/ GSM / GPS signals etc. from leaving or entering the bag.

This is the same technology that car rental companies use to store keyless entry fobs.


Package Contents: 

3 x Car Key Signal Blocker Case Faraday Bag




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