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Fiberglass Pen For Cleaning Uncovering JTAG Pinouts

Fiberglass Pen For Cleaning Uncovering JTAG Pinouts

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The Fiberglass pen is a very important tool for exposing coated test points. 

It has a very abrasive touch, that easily removes the coating on testpoints.

We use this this pen on a daily basis when performing jtag work with Riff Box, ORT, Jtag Pro etc.

Making soldering the testpoints possible, and enabling you to quickly get on with your Jtag work.

Also ideal for cleaning all types of electrical and mechanical connections and items including:

  • Motor commutators
  • Track connections
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Battery connections
  • Corroded  terminals
  • Cleaning joints prior to soldering
  • Polishing metals
  • The list is endless...
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