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Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Note 20 5G Ultra Full UV Glue

Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Note 20 5G Ultra Full UV Glue

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LIQUID DISPERSION - The UV glue disperses evenly over your entire screen and hardens to create an impenetrable edge to edge barrier.

COMPATIBILITY - This full UV glue screen protector is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5G.

MATERIAL - This screen protector is made from super tough 9H tempered glass, making it perfect for protecting your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus .

FULL SCREEN - This screen protector is curved to cover and protect all of your screen.

FINGERPRINT - This UV full screen protector allows for the use of fingerprint unlock.


Installation Instructions:

Before installation Please wear gloves and don't let Nano Water Liquid to Contact with your skin

1. Use wipes to clean the screen thoroughly

2. Wipe dry with a dry microfiber cleaning cloth.

3. Open Up the UV Glue Nano Water Bottle Cap

4. Cut the tip off the UV Glue Tube

5. Drip the UV Glue Gently centre of the mobile phone

6. Peel of Plastic sheet from tempered glass

7. Place the tempered glass on the UV Glue gently & Slowly, let the UV Glue flow evenly across the screen and make sure no bubbles appear.

8. Wipe Off any Excessive UV Glue on the edges with tissue before you use UV light

9. Plug in the UV light with a micro USB cabel (NOT INCLUDED). Use the UV light to stick the screen protector down by moving the UV light gently on the full surface of the mobile phone.

Key Features:

  • Full coverage of the screen.
  • 9H hardness glass.
  • Explosion Proof.
  • Smudge Proof.
  • Anti-shatter Film
  • 0.2mm Thickness

Package Contents:

1 x For Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5G UV Tempered Glass Full Liquid Glue Screen Protector

1 x Tube of UV Glue

1 x Small UV Light

1 x Application Kit



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