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Harmony Test Point Cable

Harmony Test Point Cable

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The Harmony USB TestPoint Cable a special USB Type-C cable that allows the phone to enter the USB COM 1.0 service mode.

This is needed for smartphones that are based on Kirin 710 / 710A / 710F, 810/820, 980/985, 990/990 5G systems, which are using and updated to the latest HarmonyOS / updated to the latest SPL.

For example phone the new P30 PRO, etc. Without this cable, putting the phone into low-level mode (USB COM 1.0) is not possible and therefore no service operation can be performed.

Compatible with service software that supports Kirin based phones including Chimera Tool, Z3X Box, Octopus Box, Octoplus Box, Furious etc..


Processor name based phones supported by Harmony Testpoint Cable

Kirin 710 / 710A / 710F

Kirin 810/820

Kirin 980/985

Kirin 990/990 5G



Enters 1.0 COM Mode in 2 seconds.

Utilizes special resistors to achieve usb com1 mode 150 Ohm (150 Ω) resistor, 270 Ohm (270 Ω) resistor, 1.5 kiloohm (1.5 kΩ) resistor

Approx. 0.5M length.

Plug and play.

Works with Chimera tool and other software that supports usb 1.0 com mode.

Needed for:  FRP and Huawei ID Removal. Modify OEMInfo (Vendor/Country, Disable FW version check). Load Factory Fastboot (partially supported; updates in progress).

Supported CPUs: Kirin 710/710A/710F, 810/820, 980/985, 990/990 5G




Package Contents:

1 x Harmony Testpoint Cable (colour and style may vary depending on our stock)

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