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IC Chip Solder Pads For Microsoldering Phone Repair Wylie Spots

IC Chip Solder Pads For Microsoldering Phone Repair Wylie Spots

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WHAT IS IT? - This tool provides a set of solder pads and jumpwire which can be used to re bridge wires on a circuit board as well as replace old, faded dots on a circuit board

EFFICIENT - This jumpwire and pad set makes bridging and replacing old pads much easier than before making these types of repairs less hassle and incrreasing the efficiency.

VARIETY - There are a variety of different jumpwire and pads in this set to help in multiple situations.

APPLICATION - Either solder when briding the wires or use green oil and UV to keep the pads in place on the board

AFTER EFFECT - With this set you can re-bridge and re-pad without the issue of circuitous flyline and keep the board working well and maintaining efficiency after the repair.




- Multiple different pads for different situations

- Maintains efficiency of the board after repair

- Removes the need for a circuitous flyline method

- Makes these repairs easier and less time consuming, making the work more efficient




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