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Lcd Tester For iPhone 6S Flex For Testing Screens

Lcd Tester For iPhone 6S Flex For Testing Screens

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WHAT IS IT - This flex cable is used to connect replacement screens to the phone and use the phone to test the screen is working correctly prior to fitting or re-selling the screen.

WHY USE IT - You use this test flex to test the screen without fear of damaging the FPC connector on your test phone.

WHY TEST SCREENS - If you have a lot of stock of screens that you are either selling or about to fit, it makes sense to test the screens are fully working before selling or fitting them.

SAVE TIME - Using this method saves time fitting or supplying a faulty screen, which we all know is a total headache.

PROTECT YOUR TEST PHONE - Using this method protects the FPC connectors on the test phones from damage when you have a lot of screens to test, it is a lot cheaper to replace this flex than to replace a phone with a damaged FPC connector.

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