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Mechanic T-824 Charging Port Pin Tester Current Power Check Type-C 8 Pin Phones

Mechanic T-824 Charging Port Pin Tester Current Power Check Type-C 8 Pin Phones

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Intelligent Features: combines a considerate 2-minute automated sleep function with intelligent automatic detection. While the Type-C interface serves Android smartphones and many manufacturers of mobile computers, the iPhone interface is designed specifically for items in the iPhone series and offers sophisticated measuring.

Constructed with great care using an aluminium alloy chassis, the product boasts a compact layout that makes use of high-specification integrated circuits and components to ensure stability. When combined with premium materials, this design option adds to a lengthy lifespan.

Resolution and Accuracy: boasts an astounding 0.2mV accuracy for precise measurements and a resolution of 199 words, or 3.5 bits.

Measurement characteristics: Provides a broad range of measurement characteristics, such as a massive 500mAH battery capacity, a 5V external power supply voltage, a PN junction range of 0.00 to 1.99, and a 300mA charging current capability.

Specifications of the device: Its 1.14-inch screen is 60 * 26 * 20 mm, making it small and effective. comes with a tail insertion tester intended for Type-C/iPhone interfaces, guaranteeing interoperability with an extensive array of gadgets.



Key Features:

- High-Resolution Measurement: Achieves precision with 199 words (3.5 bits).

- Accurate Readings: Provides reliable measurements with 0.2mV accuracy.

- Versatile PN Junction: Covers a wide range from 0.00 to 1.99 for thorough testing.

- Flexible Power Supply: Supports 5V external power sources.

- Extended Battery: Features a 500mAh capacity for prolonged use.

- Clear Display: Equipped with a 1.14-inch screen for easy data reading.

- Tail Insertion Tester: Works with Type-C/8-Pin interfaces.

- Automatic Detection: Simplifies testing with intelligent automatic detection.

- Automatic Sleep: Conserves energy with a 2-minute automatic sleep function.

- Durable Build: Crafted with a durable aluminium alloy structure.

- Stable Performance: Uses high-spec ICs for stability.



Package Contents:

1 x Mechanic T-824 Charging Port Pin Tester Current Power Check Type-C 8 Pin Phones

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