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MetroPCS Android Factory Unlock

MetroPCS Android Factory Unlock

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MetroPCS Mobile Device Unlock App (Android Official Unlock)

Use this special unlock service to unlock he following handsets listed below that are currently locked to MetroPCS

These handsets will not ask for an unlock code like normal handsets do, so you have to use this service to get them unlocked



Supported Models from MetroPCS

  • Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL (OT-5054N)
  • Coolpad Catalyst (3622A)
  • HTC Desire 626s
  • Kyocera Hydro ELITE (C6740 & C6740N)
  • LG Leon 4G LTE (MS345)
  • LG G Stylo (MS631)
  • LG K7 (MS330)
  • LG K10 (MS428)
  • LG Stylo 2 Plus (MS550)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J700T)
  • Samsung Galaxy On5 (SM-G550T1)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930T1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360T1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530T1)
  • ZTE Avid PLUS (Z828)
  • ZTE Obsidian (Z820)


These devices need unlocking server side using the DEVICE UNLOCK APP pictured below

This APP is normally already present in part of the firmware on these supported models (have a look in the phone apps to find it) , if not you can download it from google play

Thanks to this APP, we are now able to Register any IMEI as Eligible in themetroPCS Database so you can unlock your Cell Phone using the Device Unlock App.

Turnaround time for delivery is normally less than 2 Business Days.


How does it work?

  • Simply enter your 15 digit IMEI number in the box below and complete your purchase
  • Once ready (usually within 2 working days) we will email you to let you know the unlock is completed server side


After Your Purchase

Once you receive our unlocked email notification, then all you need to do is the following:

  • Connect your phone to WiFi
  • Run the DEVICE UNLOCK app on your phone.
  • Select Permanent Unlock
  • Phone will check status from server and reboot, and will be unlocked !


 Video Tutorial



Trouble Shooting to apply a Mobile Device Unlock

  1. From that Application list, tap Device Unlock.
  2. Tap Continue.
  3. Choose the desired device unlock type: Permanent Unlock
  4. If successful, restart the device to apply the settings.

Note: If you do not restart the device, you will have a persistent alert in the notification tray.

Troubleshooting Mobile Device Unlock app

  1. Check that you have an active data connection.
  2. Clear the application cache.
  3. Check that the device memory is properly managed.
  4. Restart the device and try again.

If you receive an error, review the following table for troubleshooting:

Error Message Information / Troubleshooting
Device not recognized by your service provider. Please call customer care.
  • Rooting your device will disable the unlock application
  • Download the latest software to continue
Data corrupted during transfer. Please try again.Error during data transfer. Please try again.
  • Ensure the device has stable mobile signal
  • Restart the device and try again
Server not responding. Please try again later.
  • No response is received from the server
  • Try using an alternate internet connection
Failure in processing the request. Please reboot device and try again.
  • Ensure that your device has sufficient memory
  • Restart the device and try again
No internet connection available. Please try again when internet connection is available.
  • No internet connection is available:
    • Device is not connected to 3G/4G LTE.
    • A non-compatible SIM card is being used,
Unable to connect to the server at this time. Please try back again later.
  • Update the app using the Play Store
  • Attempt the unlock using the mobile network.
Unlock Failed: This mobile wireless device is not eligible for unlock. For Device Unlock eligibility details, please go online or contact Customer Care.
  • The device is not eligible for unlock. (Order the Unlock Service from UnlockBase)
Unlock Failed : System maintenance error, try again later.
  • System Maintenance is currently underway
  • Wait and try again later
Failure in applying the unlock settings. Please try again.
  • The device must be connected to the mobile network (including domestic and international roaming)
  • Disconnect from Wi-Fi and try again.


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