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Relife RL601s 360 Degrees Holder For iPhone Back Glass Removal

Relife RL601s 360 Degrees Holder For iPhone Back Glass Removal

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WHAT IS IT? - This tool will firmly hold a phone in place whilst you remove the broken back glass and give adjustment options to make the process a lot easier and quicker.

EFFICIENT - This tool will allow you to remove a broken back glass a lot quicker and more efficient by making it much less fiddly.

ANTI SLIP - The clamp is fitted with anti slip feet to stop the clamp from moving about whilst you remove the back glass.

SECURE CLAMPING - The clamp will hold the phone in place very firmly to stop the phone from moving about. Even though the phone is tightly gripped the clamp will not cause any extra damage to the phone.

ADJUSTABLE - The clamp itself can be adjusted to fit different types of phones and tighten the grip. The clamp base can also be rotated 360 degrees to make it easier to reach all sides of the phone. There is also a rotary switch on the base of the clamp to lock and unlock the ability to rotate the clamp, making it less likely to accidentally rotate during work.




- Anti slip feet.

- Holds phones tightly to avoid unwanted movement.

- More efficient back glass removal.

- Size: 18 x 11 x 7.9cm

- Weight: 1.1kg

- Foam pads to protect the phone.

- Silicone frame to stop damage to the side of the phone.



Package Contents:

1 x Relife RL-601s 360 Degrees Holder For iPhone Back Glass Removal

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