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Screen Protector For Samsung J6 Hydrogel Film

Screen Protector For Samsung J6 Hydrogel Film

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Made with advanced hydrogel technology: Our screen protector is crafted using cutting-edge hydrogel material, offering superior protection for your device's screen against scratches, fingerprints, and daily wear and tear.

Crystal-clear transparency: Experience the full clarity and vibrant colours of your device's screen, as our hydrogel screen protector is designed to be ultra-transparent, ensuring an optimal viewing experience without compromising image quality.

Self-healing properties: Say goodbye to minor scratches and scuffs on your screen. The hydrogel material has self-healing properties that help it to smooth out small imperfections over time, keeping your screen looking pristine.

Bubble-free installation: Applying our hydrogel screen protector is hassle-free and straightforward. The material is designed to adhere smoothly to the screen without leaving any annoying bubbles or residue, ensuring a seamless installation.

Case-friendly design: Our hydrogel screen protector is compatible with most phone cases, allowing you to safeguard your device fully without any interference from the case edges, giving you peace of mind and convenience.



Easy Fitting Process, this tempered glass protector is so easy to fit.

Designed for ultimate luxury and style, 0.33MM real tempered glass protects your phone
with increased sleekness and the highest level of touch sensitivity.

Improved touch satisfaction with high quality and perfect thickness (0.33mm) serving as the ultimate screen shield for the Phone

for Samsung Galaxy J6

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