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Screwdriver Set Wolve 800N Professional 8 Piece Precision Torque

Screwdriver Set Wolve 800N Professional 8 Piece Precision Torque

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PROFFESSIONAL USE ONLY - For high level repair technicians who require precision. This WOLVE 800N Torque Screwdriver Set contains 4 x torque restricted screwdrivers and 4 x screwdriver bits. 

WHAT IS A TORQUE SCREWDRIVER? - Each of the 4 screwdrivers has its own different torque level: Blue 0.35kgf-cm, Black 0.45kgf-cm, Silver 0.55kgf-cm, Gold 0.65kgf-cm. The screwdriver will begin to click and stop tightening once the exact correct amount of tightness is achieved.

WHY USE TORQUE SCREWDRIVERS? - Torque screwdrivers prevent the technician from overtightening screws when making repairs.  This is required when professionally repairing today€š¬€ž¢s smart phones, and other devices, and will prevent damage to other components when reassembling the phone.

WHEN TO USE TORQUE - Ideally you should be using torque screwdrivers for all your repairs.  Using them allows the technician to adhere to strict reassembly manuals & instructions allowing the technician to complete reassembly of devices safely and correctly.

SCREWDIRIVER BITS - The pack includes 4 different screwdriver bits: Pentalobe 0.8 - Crosshead 1.5 - Tri-Wing 0.6 - Double Cross 2.5.


Package Contents

Torque Screwdriver Handle - Blue With 0.35kgf-cm Torque

Torque Screwdriver Handle - Black With 0.45kgf-cm Torque

Torque Screwdriver Handle - Silver With 0.55kgf-cm Torque

Torque Screwdriver Handle - Gold With 0.65kgf-cm Torque

Screwdriver Bit - Pentalobe 0.8mm

Screwdriver Bit - Crosshead 1.5mm

Screwdriver Bit - Tri-Wing 0.6mm

Screwdriver Bit - Double Cross 2.5mm

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