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Smart Data Backup Cable Fast Charging Type C Connection SAVEBUDS

Smart Data Backup Cable Fast Charging Type C Connection SAVEBUDS

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SAVEBUDS Intelligent Smart Data Backup & Fast Charging Cable - Type C Connection

Automatically backup and save Contacts, Files, Pictures, Videos etc. When Charging Your Phone !

Do you want to back up important and personal information from your phone without using the Cloud? Now with SAVEBUDS you can!

This Type C Model will work with Any Android phone model that has the newer Type-C Charging Port



Save money by getting rid of your monthly cloud storage fee.

You are the owner of your content. Keep your files stored locally on your Micro-SD card, safe from hackers, corporate exploitation and government intrusion.

Your data stays forever. No more deleted data after two weeks of non-activity.

No limits on storage. Your storage can be as big as your Micro-SD card will allow, unlike most of Cloud services.

Everything is stored locally. No more depending on internet connections.

Save your data each time you charge your phone.



SAVEBUDS is a Smartphone Charge Cable that automatically backs up essential data from your Android phone to the Micro SD inside your SAVEBUDS cable every time you plug it in!

Because you are charging your phone daily, your personal and business data is always safely backed up into SAVEBUDS.

SAVEBUDS works with Power Adaptors, In Car Chargers, PC ports, and Power Bank Chargers.

SAVEBUDS and the SAVEBUDS app give to you a full visibility and control of your phone€š¬€ž¢s internal data and external memory (from your phone€š¬€ž¢s SD card), which remains completely under your physical control.

SAVEBUDS will only save new Data and Changes, additional backups will be significantly faster afterwards.






  1. Put a Micro-SD card in your Savebuds cable (not included in the package).
  2. Connect your Savebuds cable to a power source, then to your phone.
  3. Click to download the app on Google Play Store. Install the app and grant access to your data.
  4. Disconnect your savebuds from your phone. Reconnect your Savebuds and click €š¬˜Use by default this USB accessory€š¬€ž¢
  5. You€š¬€ž¢re done! Your data is now automatically backed-up everytime you connect your cable.




SAVEBUDS features a slim, sleek, durable aluminium cable housing. Carefully designed with the environment in mind, SAVEBUDS uses high-grade, halogen-free components and a natural, recyclable and biodegradable packaging made from molded paper pulp. SAVEBUDS is also CE and FCC certified.

Data transfer speed is 14 MBPS.
It only takes less than 2 minutes to transfer 1GB of data!

Your first Data transfer (the longest -because all your data are being mirrored) will be less than the total charging time. Because SAVEBUDS will only save new Data and Changes, additional backups will be significantly faster afterwards. Until now, selectively syncing your data between two phones was a virtually impossible task. SAVEBUDS makes it happen.

SAVEBUDS uses a Cat A SD card and can hold cards with a capacity up to 512GB.

SAVEBUDS works exclusively with the free SAVEBUDS App, available on the Google Play Store. Requires Android OS 4.1.2 or more.

*SAVEBUDS comes with a 2-Year International warranty



1 X SAVEBUDS Cable With Type C Connection



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