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Torx 5 T5x25mm Screwdriver K-222 Precision

Torx 5 T5x25mm Screwdriver K-222 Precision

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MAGNETIC TIP - The head of the screwdriver is magnetic to allow screwing and unscrewing of screws to be less of a fiddle.

HANDLE GRIP - The handle of this screwdriver is fit with silicone rings to give you a better grip whilst using the screwdriver.

USE CASES - This screwdriver is ideal for an array of things which require a T5 head, including mobile phones, laptops etc.

BIT HEAD - The head of this screwdriver is a Torx 5, T5 x 25MM.

MATERIAL - Both the tip and the handle are mad from a strong aluminium to give the screwdriver a lot of durability.





- Magnetic tip.

- Colour: Purple.

- Size: 12.2cm x 1.6cm x 1.6cm

- Model: Kaisi K-222

- Head Type: Torx 5, T5x25mm

- Material: Aluminium with Silicone grip



Package Contents:

1 x Kaisi K-222 Precision Torx 5 Screwdriver T5x25mm

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