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Z3X Samsung Pro Activation

Z3X Samsung Pro Activation

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Z3X-SAMS PRO Activation

This UPGRADE is only for people who already have a samsung activation on their Z3x Box.

This Z3X Samung Pro Activation is required for older samsung box users to upgrade to the new Z3X Samsung Pro. It is only needed for Z3X Samsung Box owners who purchased their box before 20/07/2014.

Once activated you can then continue to use Z3x latet software updates and releases as normal.

This is a ONE TIME ACTIVATION, it is not an Anual activation that will need activating every year.


Why do I have to Buy Activation?

Here is the reason direct from Z3x Team

Dear Z3X-Samsung box Customers,

Please read carefully this major news announcement.

I think everybody will agree (Z3X) have proven that we are the best team in Samsung Phones arena.

Z3X more than 7 years did lot free updates not asked for any additional payment.*

New times is coming, Samsung improve security and make new phones.*

We believe it is fair to ask customer a small payment for update to Samsung Pro version of users who bough box before 20/07/2014

All new users will have Samsung PRO pre activated on his cards.

This is necessary in order to invest in new test phones/handsets/sources/servers/staff etc to make all this support possible.

Please be sure, we thought this hard and long time to make sure that it is fair and will not burden our loyal customer much.


How To Buy?

  • Enter your Z3X 8 digit card id in the box and complete your purchase.
  • We will then add the activation to your card server side, and email you once it has been done (usually within 24 hours)
  • After you receive this confirmation, you just need to run shell, and run hardware wizard to add the Z3X-SAMS PRO Activation to your card.



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