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HTC Unlocking Tools

HTC Unlocking Tools

Here you will find our collection of professional unlocking tools used to direct unlock and service HTC mobile phones.

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  • Easy-Box Dongle
    • New!

    Easy-Box Dongle gives you the power of SETool Sony Service Software For Free Without Credits. It also gives you other special unlock functions for Nokia, Alcatel, HTC, LG, Sony that do require paid credits.

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  • This replacement main ribbon for XTC Clip is used to connect the Sim Ribbons to the main clip. Handy if you have broken your main xtc clip ribbon.

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  • Original Raskal XTC Clip is a standalone clip that allows you to unlock HTC phones without need for Credits or Logs

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  • This new Chimera Tool Authenticator Dongle Comes Pre-Activated with PRO Activation (All Modules) 12 month license (Samsung LG Blackberry HTC NOKIA). Chimera software is very easy to use, simply connect the phone and chimera will recognise the handset and offer up features including, Unlock, Flash Root etc.

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  • Avator Pro Dongle is a phone servicing solution for MediaTek / Qualcomm / Spreadtrum based devices. It is supposed to support the whole range of smartphones, however the features may differ from model to model.

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  • BMT PRO DONGLE (Best Multi Tool) is a dongle protected standalone software for repair, unlock and servicing of newer smartphones including SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, XIAOMI, HTC, SONY, LG, QUALCOMM, MTK, INTEL, ALLWINNER

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  • The Unlocking Starter Pack is a great way to save money when wanting to unlock Phones in house yourself.

    This Starter Pack is a basic kit to get you up & running if you are either a first timer, or someone looking to purchase multiple up to date unlocking tools.

    The tools listed below are unlocking devices that we use every day in house to unlock our handsets.

    We have also put useful links to help you understand what tools support which Model handsets.

    Added Bonuses
    • Setup software for all unlocking tools
    • Free technical support line when getting started
    • 6 months warrenty on tools


    Supported Platform
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 10


    Package Content

    • XTC2 Clip
    • Furious Gold Dongle
    • Z3X Box
    • NCK Dongle
    • FRP Dongle
    • Setup Files


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  • ✅ FEATURES - For use with EFT Dongle software giving you extra features including Samsung Factory Unlock, Samsung Write Cert, Samsung IMEI Repair, Samsung DRK Repair, Samsung Reset FRP.

    ✅ EFT CABLE MICRO USB - This is an authenticator / USB serial converter cable. With this cable you don’t have to use any boxes anymore. Connect your phone directly to your computer, using this cable. 

    ✅ EFT CABLE TYPE-C USB - This is an authenticator / USB serial converter cable. With this cable you don’t have to use any boxes anymore. Connect your phone directly to your computer, using this cable.

    ✅ UART CONNECTIVITY - Once installed these cables give you UART connectivity for phones that support UART connection methods

    ✅ STRONG DESIGN - Bonded Braided cables ensure longevity from heavy use.

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  • EFT Dongle is a dongle protected software for unlocking, flashing, and repairing smart phones.

    EFT Dongle is made by a large team of coders and specialises in newser chipset smartphone servicing.

    Dongle is pre activated with 1 year support.

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  • XTC 2 Clip Power Adapter is the new revolutionary ADD-ON for your XTC 2 Clip!

    This Power Adapter for XTC 2 Clip allows you to work with newer HTC phone models that require version 7 Java Card technology, giving you more power for unlocking, S-OFF, FRP of many new HTC handsets.

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  • XTC 2 Clip is a specialized device for servicing HTC phones. With 2 Clip you can Network Unlock, Repair IMEI, Repair CID, S-OFF many types of HTC Models

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  • Special micro uart cable for i9250 repair using z3x box. This specially modified micro uart Cable has the needed R619kOm - R680kOm resistor to perform repair successfully.
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  • NCK Box is the next evolutionary step in direct unlock support By NCK Dongle Team. With NCK Box you can take full advantage of all the Direct Unlock features and more.

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  • HXC Unlocker (HXCPro Tool Standalone) by GPG is a standalone tool, that can UNLOCK, S-OFF, CHANGE SUPER CID, and CREATE GOLD CARD for HTC phones.

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  • HXC Unlocker Upgrade (HXCPro Tool Upgrade For Dongle Users) is a fantastic addon for the already powerful HXC Dongle (aka HTC Dongle)

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  • NCK Dongle is dongle protected software that gives you unlimited unlocking Code Calculation software. Standalone direct unlock software !!

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