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11th May 2019

 #1 - Making new friends

Today mick visited QianLi factory and meets the Qianli team. Very nice guys, with a very professional company.

you can view all QianLi products at the link below

Mick From FoneFunShop meeting Qianli Team at their factory


You need a head for heights when visiting QianLi HQ in Shenzhen

the glass elevator takes you straight to the 69th floor at rocket speed !!!!

view from QianLi offices on the 69th floor !




14th Sep 2018

 #1 - Old Nokias, golf and suction cups

This week, as usual, was a busy week at FoneFunShop. It all started with a phone call from Amazon; we had been given the opportunity to sell on the marketplace using our own prime badge. This means that rather than sending our stock to the big Amazon warehouses that are in the middle of nowhere, we can have the Amazon Prime badge for items we will be shipping from our own shop. This is very exciting news! The Amazon worker from HQ informed us that other sellers invited to this scheme have noticed a 40% increase in sales. The Amazon Prime badge will be switched on once we finish this trial period, which should be soon.

A lot of our efforts have gone to ensuring the trial period is a success – manically running around making sure customers who have ordered our prime items get them picked, packed and shipped in time for our afternoon cut off point.

In other news, after hours of trying to unlock a very old Nokia 5130, Mike finally had a breakthrough using the old school UFS box. You would be surprised at how many people still have and use their old phones or want to keep them, and bring them to FoneFunShop having been turned away from other stores.

Nokia 5130

To provide a well-deserved break for staff, we have a small golf set at the top of the stairs to practice their putting skills. When you get it in the hole, the golf ball flies back out for you to play again. It is great respite from a stressful workload, allowing us to clear our heads and go back to work full steam ahead!


In order to sell some of our stock, we were looking for ways in which we can use it for different purposes. For example, we have been using and selling these suction cups for years as iPad screen removers. However, we saw these exact same products being used for dent removal on cars. After looking at many YouTube tutorials, it is true that they are mainly used for this!

car dent removal

The week concluded with a morning huddle around breakfast. One of the key points from our meeting is that we continue with our online endeavours, showcasing the best of the business, and constantly striving for improvement.



12th Sep 2018

A downside to living in an advanced world is that there are even more opportunities for criminals to take advantage of. If you have been keeping an eye on the news recently, you will have noticed that criminals are becoming much more skilled when it comes to making off with your vehicle. National statistics have shown that amongst soaring levels of car theft, most of them are done without the use of a key.


What is relay theft in simple terms?

The way criminals do this is with the use of a relay box they have bought online. If you have a new car with a keyless entry system, the box will pick up on the signals your key is giving off in your house, sending it to a second box that will be right next to your car - which will open it, and start your engine.



How do I prevent this?

The most simple and cost-effective way to keep your vehicle safe is by purchasing a faraday bag. These bags are made with military grade, waterproof, metallic material that block absolutely any signals emitted from your car keys. On our website, you can find many faraday bags that range in different prices and sizes. We would absolutely recommend purchasing the Disklabs faraday bag for car keys shield to protect you from relay theft. We are a proud provider of Disklabs products - products that have now been awarded “Secured By Design” by the Official Police Security Initiative. This is a prestigious accreditation given by the UK Police that rightly shows that these are designed, tested and have achieved the standard the UK Police are setting.




The Bag

The KS1 Key Shield Faraday Bag by Disklabs 


Police Approved

Disklabs are the only company in the UK to be awarded the prestigious secured by design award for all their faraday bags including the KS1 Key Shield



Press Release

Below is the press release from Disklabs evidencing the accreditation of their faraday bag. To prevent relay theft, we would say that this is your cheapest and safest option.










12th Sep 2018

Welcome to our new blog!

Over these past few years, a lot has been going on behind the scenes at FoneFunShop to make us much more than a mobile phone business. We are very excited to share our projects and our new products with you, but now through a much more unique and creative way. From this week forward we have added a new section to our website: a blog. Our main aim is to let you in to our week of hard work! We will be writing weekly blogs about what we have been up to, as well as writing about new and exciting products you wouldn't find at your typical phone shop. We have a lot of new projects coming soon, so we'll keep you posted!